Wicked Sensual Selects Bugs of Suzie's for Retail Spotlight

LOS ANGELESWicked Sensual Care is shining its Retail Employee Spotlight on Bugs of Suzie's Adult Superstore in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Bugs entered the adult retail industry by way of previous experience in an educational role. "During high school, I was deeply involved in peer sex education programs by Planned Parenthood," Bugs explained. "I cherished the opportunity to serve as a reliable and informed resource for individuals seeking guidance.

"Working in adult retail allows me to continue offering support and knowledge, much like I did before," Bugs continued. “I'd say my specialty lies in lubricants and queer niches, being able to provide information about both to help people feel comfortable, confident and sexy.”

For Bugs, creating a safe haven for individuals from all sectors of the community isn't just personally rewarding, but also fundamental to cultivating robust customer connections. "I love that my job welcomes a diverse clientele,” Bugs expressed. “My team makes an effort to help people from all walks of life to feel free to ask any questions they may have. Because no matter who you are or what you're into, it is important to be authentic to your true self, and learn to have confidence within your identity!”

"Empathy can enhance sales performance by enabling retail professionals to understand and connect with customers on a deeper level,” offered Jennifer Brice, sales director for Wicked Sensual Care. “This understanding facilitates the identification and addressing of customer needs more effectively, fostering trust and rapport. Additionally, as Bugs shows us, it allows for personalized recommendations, ultimately leading to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Those working in the retail pleasure products space are invited to nominate employees who continuously exceed expectations to be the subject of a Retail Employee Spotlight. A candidate may be nominated by sending their name, store/city and a brief paragraph about why they deserve to be featured (a photo is optional) to [email protected], or by filling out this form. Candidates may also self-nominate. Like Bugs, the next Retail Spotlight recipient will be profiled in Wicked Sensual Care's monthly newsletter.

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