Wicked Sensual Care Features Starship Enterprises' Daniele Flores

LOS ANGELESWicked Sensual Care has selected Danielle Flores of Starship Enterprises in Doraville, Ga. for its Retail Employee Spotlight, a column in the company’s monthly newsletter.

“I wanted to work in an environment that was very inclusive and accepting of all walks of life,” Flores expressed in her interview with Wicked Sensual Care. “I felt Starship Enterprises would respect and value me as a person. I’m inspired to do my best here, to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the store. My knowledge of lubes, toy cleaners and massage oils has always been my favorite subject to share with co-workers and customers.

“I enjoy helping customers come out of their shyness about being in an adult store. I have also always done my best to make my store a healthy and enjoyable environment for my co-workers.”

Flores believes that having a deep understanding of the products offered by the store, including their features, functionality and benefits, is crucial to fostering positive customer interactions. “I encourage people to look deeper into the merchandise sold in their stores. Personal research will allow you to help a customer find exactly what they are looking for, especially customers that are picky, sensitive, or have allergies.

“It also doesn’t hurt to add other customer reviews as well as personal experience if you feel comfortable. The more you can tell a customer about a product, the easier it will be to make a sale, as well as have a satisfied and returning customer,” she added.

"Danielle Flores knows comprehensive product knowledge is the key to unlocking customer satisfaction," said Jennifer Brice, sales director for Wicked Sensual Care. "It empowers sales professionals to guide, inform and cater to the unique needs of each customer, and enhance their overall shopping experience."

Those working in the retail sector of the pleasure products space are invited to nominate employees and colleagues who continuously exceed expectations. To submit a retail professional for consideration, send their name, store name, location/city, store social media handles, and a brief paragraph about why they deserve to be a included (photograph optional) to [email protected], or fill out this form. Individuals may also self-nominate.

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