What’s App With Satisfyer? Find Out at ANE

More than a few sex toy designers have made bold claims about their products, throwing about such phrases as “groundbreaking,” “game-changing” and even “revolutionary.” But few have done so with as much visual panache as Satisfyer, a German pleasure product manufacturer. In one of its most evocative advertisements, featuring the headline “Time for a New Revolution,” the Satisfyer marketing team incorporates imagery from Eugène Delacroix’s 1830 painting Liberty Leading the People—but here the bare-breasted figure waving the French flag is a chic gamine waving a flag adorned with concentric circles that represent Satisfyer’s air pressure wave technology, a touch-free stimulation system that surrounds the clitoral area within a silicone tip.

Satisfyer’s most revolutionary idea is a simple one: to supply powered toys to the people at a truly affordable price. And next, as the company has revealed in recent advertising campaigns, it is inviting consumers to “join the app revolution” and try out a new generation of app-driven toys.

Once again, Satisfyer is the presenting sponsor of the AVN Novelty Expo as well as the show’s VIBE Program. And the company also is exhibiting at the show, which takes place January 22-24 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

“We’re very proud to be sponsoring AVN again this year!” said Megwyn White, director of education for Satisfyer. “As a leader within the sexual wellness market, we have helped to pioneer a shift within our industry’s evolution. Satisfyer continues to set the tone that sex care is for everyone regardless of their skill level, socio-economic background, age, gender or sexual preference.”

The new app will be a major attraction at ANE. “While Satisfyer has received widespread praise for our collection, we’re here to show how the legacy of our technology has evolved into our newest launch: Satisfyer Connect, an app that brings the sexual wellness experience to a new level. We look forward to partnering with AVN to catalyze another historic shift within the market as well as generate even more community support as we venture into another year of continued success!” White said.

Satisfyer Connect will actually premiere at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It will be available from the App Store and compatible for Android, Apple iOS and Apple WatchOS. And following CES, it will be on view at ANE.

“We’re very excited to be offering live demonstrations to highlight the many features of our high-touch app, including motion sensing, haptic programming and sound-responsive features,” White says. “The app has been created for newly designed products, which will encompass some of our original technology, including our proprietary air pressure wave clitoral stimulators, vibes, couples devices and strengthening balls—just to name a few. With our commitment to accessible pricing for the highest quality designs, we will continue to add a large range of app-compatible products throughout the course of the year at no additional cost to our consumers.”

The aforementioned stimulators, which use pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris, were Satisfyer’s first big successes in the market. And the next-generation version of the stimulator—the Satisfyer Pro 2—is one of its top-selling yet.

The merchandising team at Adam & Eve knows this toy well: “The customer reviews are very favorable for the Pro 2. Most customers state that the product does exactly what it says it will do and it is a must-have for their toy boxes. Adam & Eve wanted to provide a large variety of the Satisfyer line, giving our customers various options of toys to satisfy their needs.”

But though Satisfyer made its name with clitoral stimulators, the company has branched out into many new ranges, creating lay-on and insertable vibrators; toys that combine both vibration and pressure wave technology; insertable balls for Kegel exercises; anal plugs and beads; toy wash and lubricants, vibrators designed for use by couples; and a full range of toys for men, including masturbators, vibrators, and anal toys.

CNV.com, a leading online pleasure product seller, has seen great success with all the ranges. “The Satisfyer products have met the consumer sweet spot of price to quality,” says Ann Houlihan, CEO of CNV.com, Inc. “Couple that with excellent customer reviews and Satisfyer stays in the top-selling product category.  We’re pleased to carry all of the Satisfyer line and will add new items as they become available for shipping.”

Attendees at the 2020 AVN Novelty Expo will see the latest Satisfyer wares. In addition to the app-driven toys, other new items from Satisfyer include the Wand-er Woman wand massager, which solves an age-old conundrum: how to find a companion who doesn’t complain about giving a long and luxurious massage.

According to Satisfyer, due to its “impressive XXL size and the hidden power behind its seductive silicone head, the Wand-er Woman solves problems, relieves tension, and scratches any orgasmic itch. The shaft of the massager is made of medical grade silicone, which is especially soft and gentle against your skin. In addition, the rounded head skilfully reaches every part of the body craving relaxation.”

Also not to be missed is the adorable Spinnator, which resembles a soft-serve ice cream cone. And this waterproof clitoral stimulator has a rotating membrane made of skin-friendly silicone and 11 intensity settings, making it a sweet treat indeed. And for pleasure on the go, Satisfyer has mini vibes that offer two different textures: soft and hard—along with 15 discreet vibration settings.

The company also has proven adept at spreading its message into the mainstream. In 2019, Satisfyer continued its marketing juggernaut by collaborating with well-known mainstream brands.

One of its biggest coups was a deal with Hearst Publishing for a promotion in Elle magazine—the first time the publishing company has partnered with a pleasure products manufacturer. Elle magazine allowed subscribers to opt-in for a promotion—more than 35,000 subscribers agreed to do so—where they received the April issue of the magazine featuring Taylor Swift on the cover boxed together with a full-size Satisfyer Pro Traveler. The pink box was printed with the phrase “The Next Sexual Revolution.”

“This unique experience is a novel concept for the receivers of the subscription box and for the givers, Elle and Satisfyer,” a Satisfyer company rep said. “The first feedback confirmed that this operation was incredibly successful.”

Later in the spring, Satisfyer’s parent company, EIS GmbH, announced it has acquired worldwide trademark rights for the Penthouse brand. Under the deal, EIS not only secures the permanent product usage right for the Penthouse brand, but is also main supplier of all Penthouse Stores worldwide.

In anticipation of the deal, EIS plans to expand its product range. Beginning in 2020, the manufacturer will debut a large lingerie, drugstore and toy line launch.

In the summer, Satisfyer showcased its aesthetically pleasing adult toys in an appropriate setting: the Museum of Sex in New York City. The exhibit provided a showcase for the newly launched Satisfyer Vibes, a colorful range of silicone toys. Equipped with a feature called “flex-technology,” Satisfyer Vibes produce vibrations that are felt from end to end in each differently shaped model.

Satisfyer also hosted an event at the Museum of Sex where customers learned more about the Satisfyer Vibes line and how to achieve a blended orgasms. Megwyn White presented the program. educating those present about the anatomy of the clitoris, breath support and how to use sex care products to help activate a deeper visceral experience when exploring sexual play or masturbation.

And expect to hear much more in 2020. According to Jerome Bensimon of Satisyer, “We will continue to explore similar campaigns in the future, and will be selective at choosing brands that align with our mission.”

For more information, visit US.Satisfyer.com.