Wendy Williams Developing Her Own Line of Adult Toys

NORTH HOLLYWOOD—Transsexual performer and 2009 AVN Award winner Wendy Williams has always been happy to give her fans what they want, and so when she inked a deal with novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson to develop her own line of novelties, it was no different.

“After I won the AVN for Transsexual Perform of the Year and then an XBiz award too, I decided there was no time like the present to really try and capitalize on things,” Williams told AVN.

When it came time to work with the people at Doc Johnson on what body parts to mold for the first items in her new line of toys, Williams turned to her legions of loyal fans.

“I have a truly great fan base that follows me on MySpace and Twitter,” she said. “So I put it to them and asked them what part of me—and in what order—they would want molded for a toy; overwhelmingly they answered my ass!”

And while it was an interesting route, her fans’ answers led to Williams sitting in a room at the Doc Johnson facility in North Hollywood on Wednesday morning, getting ready to get her ass, cock, mouth and hands molded for her own line.

“When I was trying to find a company to work with, I sent a message to Belladonna because she is such a huge idol of mine,” Williams said.

Within a few days, officials from Doc Johnson—the company that created Belladonna’s line of novelties—were in talks with Williams.

“We saw that Wendy was a marketing machine,” said Rebecca Weinberg of Doc Johnson. “What really impressed us was the huge following she has and the members who pay monthly to see her on her website.”

Doc Johnson Director of Product Development and Licensing Chad Braverman said bringing Wendy Williams in to develop the new line is in line with a philosophy the novelty manufacturer has followed for years.

“We try to target the best of every genre that we create items for,” he said. “That’s why we have worked with the likes of Vivid, Belladonna and Sasha Grey in the past. And when it comes to this market, there’s no question that Wendy is the leader, and that’s why we wanted to partner with the cream of the crop.”

And while it wasn’t cream that Wendy was forced to have placed on her various body parts this week, it was a goopy mass of prosthetic-grade alginate that will be used to make a stone casting, then a clay version, before being set in wax and then metal molds. The entire process will take several months before the molds are finally finished and the toys can be produced.

 “I once tried to use Play-Doh to mold myself, but it didn’t work out so well,” she said with a chuckle as she sat in a special chair this week for the molding process.

Both Williams and Braverman confirmed that the molds will be used for the first items in the line, but other products will be created as well, though they remained tight-lipped about what’s to come.

For a gallery of photos from the molding process, visit AVN.com/Galleries/Wendy-Williams-Doc-Johnson.