Wand by We-Vibe Ready to Innovate the Industry

OTTAWA—Wand by We-Vibe is set to debut and ready to innovate the pleasure products industry.

“We-Vibe has evolved the Wand,” said We-Vibe Brand Manager Stephanie Keating. “Wand by We-Vibe combines everything consumers are looking for in a cordless wand and more. It’s the most advanced wand massager ever—combining We-Vibe’s rumbly, ultra-powerful vibrations with a sleek ergonomic design, and high-tech features including Smart Silence and We-Connect app control.”

Wand features Smart Silence, seamless intensity control, custom attachments, and We-Connect compatibility. In user trials, testers described Wand by We-Vibe as the most powerful cordless wand ever experienced.

The Smart Silence feature senses when the wand head is close to the skin, turning the vibrations on when desired, and off when taken away. The one-touch control acts like a dimmer switch, giving users seamless intensity control over their pleasure. Wand connects to the We-Connect app to allow couples to play together even when they’re apart. Wand is cordless and recharges in 90 minutes, which allows for up to two hours of play. 

Wand comes with two complementary custom attachments that create unique sensations. One offers a fluttery experience, and the second turns Wand into a wraparound smooth stroker. Wand by We-Vibe retails for $179 USD/$189 CAD/$269 AUD/179€ /£159/CHF 199 MSRP, comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available in We-Vibe purple.

Retailers worldwide can pre-order Wand by We-Vibe now from their authorized WOW Tech distributor.

Partners can download product images, merchandising materials and web banners at We-Vibe.com/Partners. For in-store merchandising, contact your authorized WOW Tech distributors.