U.S. Near Top  of Sex Toy World Rankings

CYBERSPACE—We’re No. 4! We’re No. 4!

In a recent study of sex toy search terms worldwide, Vouchercloud, a leading European mobile voucher app, found the U.S. ranks fourth in the Sex Toy World Rankings.

The Sex Toy World Rankings were calculated by Vouchercloud by looking at 18 popular sex toy search terms—from dildos and vibrators to cock rings—and translating them into “every Google-available language” before ranking every country by their searches for pleasure products.

The U.S. clocked in with 104 sex toy searches per 1,000 internet users. Beating out the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave were, in ascending order, Greenland (108 searches per 1,000 internet users), Denmark (115 searches) and Sweden (118 searches).

At first glance, it seems the colder the weather, the higher the need for “indoor entertainment.” 

The U.K. clocked in at No. 5 on the list, with 96 searches per 1,000 internet users, and rounding out the Top 10, in descending order, were the Netherlands (88), Russia (87), Bulgaria (86), Italy (84) and Australia (82).

“We made sure to include a focus on colloquial terms not understood by Google Translate where necessary (there were lots of manual checks and enquiring with the international Vouchercloud team—some very interesting discussions were had!),” the company said in a post about the findings.

The research excluded niche and product-specific searches, “so total sex-toy focuses for each country will be far, far higher than our data actually suggests,” the post continued.

To read the results, as well as view maps and charts with the rests, visit Vouchercloud.com.