Treasure Island Enters Novelty Market

SAN FRANCISCO - Treasure Island Media has branched out into the novelty market with T-shirts and silicone lubricants complementing its Built to Fuck line of best-selling DVDs.


Marketing Director Jack Jablonsky told AVN Novelty Business that retailers should act fast because the shirts are in limited supply.


"‘Built to Fuck' T-shirts have been flying off the shelves, and the lubricant will look great on the counter as customers are renting Treasure Island DVDs for the day," he said. "Paul Morris has a keen understanding of his rabid fans [and] how much they love to wear TIM-branded merchandise around town. You name it; fans will wear it."


Treasure Island Media also has released a jock strap, a T-shirt branded with the company logo, a "Meat Packer" T-shirt and the book D.O.C.: Lust Letters, which depicts the "real-life email romance of two cock-hungry man-sluts," Jablonsky said.


Jablonsky advised retailers to contact New Barbary Coast Distribution and stock up in time for Thanksgiving weekend.