Topco Sales, Adam&Eve Present Bad Seed Toys

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Adult industry powerhouses Topco Sales and Adam&Eve are joining forces once again. This time they're introducing Bad Seed Toys, an innovative product line with packaging targeted at the male market for solo and couples use.


Katy Zvolerin, director of public relations for Adam&Eve said, "Bad Seed aims to bring men's sexiest fantasies to life, and this collaboration with Topco Sales helps us realize our vision more thoroughly."


Bad Seed Toys will be manufactured by Topco under its premier Adam&Eve Signature Toy line. The two companies have been in collaboration for six years. Desiree Duffie, director of marketing and public relations for Topco Sales, said softcore versions of Bad Seed's hardcore DVD titles will be packaged with a toy inspired directly by each film. Currently, there are five DVD/toy combinations and four toys available. The fifth, the EZ Bend 7X Vibrating Double Shocker, will be available in September.


Autumn O'Bryan, director of product development, said she approached Adam&Eve's vice president of marketing and sales, Peter Reynolds, with the idea of gearing a hardcore Adam&Eve sub-brand towards men, in the way that the EDEN line reaches the women and couples market. In order to secure international distribution for this product, however, the hardcore films in question needed to be re-edited as softcore.


"We've already had great success with the Adam&Eve EDEN toy line which is inspired by the adult film Eden and features couples- and female-friendly packaging. We wanted a hardcore sub-brand of Adam & Eve; something more raunchy and geared toward men, and the Bad Seed films were a perfect fit," said O'Bryan. "Since the X-rated nature of most hardcore films prevents them from having an international distribution, Bad Seed has skillfully removed or re-shot the hardcore content and the result is five softcore, but entirely titillating, films that will satisfy on all seven continents."


Duffie said: "Innovation is the hallmark of Topco Sales, so we're extremely excited to be collaborating with visionaries like Adam&Eve on such a creative venture. The combination of steamy DVDs from Bad Seed and realistic-feeling toys from Topco catapults you directly into the fantasy."


The following toys from the new line are available: The CyberSkin Asian Pussy Stroker, the CyberSkin School Girl Pussy Stroker, the Kong Sized Black Dong, and the CyberSkin Curvy Lover Stroker. The fifth toy, the EZ Bend 7X Vibrating Double Shocker, will be in stock in September.


Distributors can contact their Topco Sales account executive for more information.