Topco Launches New Lucas Lubricants

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Topco Sales announces the release of three new lubricants to its Michael Lucas After Hours line. The collection will include silicone- and water-based varieties as well as a hybrid formula.

"We've been working on a hybrid water and silicone lubricant for awhile," said Vanessa Pellegrini, director of international sales. "Once the formula was perfected, adding the new lube to the Lucas line was its natural progression."

The Michael Lucas After Hours Silicone and Water Hybrid Lubricant is silky and long-lasting. The combination silicone- and water-based formulation causes it to be super slick like a silicone lube and yet easily wash away like its water-based counterparts.

Two additional lubricants join the Lucas line: Silky Sensations Water Based Lubricant is a light, condom compatible lubricant designed to provide silky glide and easy clean-up while Ultra Slick Silicone Lubricant is a more robust formula designed for superior glide and maximum longevity.

Each of the three lubes is made in theUSAand comes in an 8-ounce tilt-cap bottle with shrink sleeve labeling. Tastefully rendered artwork featuring masculine silhouettes against aNew York Cityskyline tie the lubricants into the After Hours line.

For more information about the Michael Lucas After Hours line from Topco Sales contact your local distributor or Topco Sales account representative today or visit