Too Stressed For Sex? Try K-Y’s Sex-Oriented Exercise Program

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina—With a cheeky new ad campaign airing in Buenos Aires, K-Y is helping couples get more into sex, thanks to an exercise program reportedly developed by sexologists and porn stars.

In the ad, which can be viewed on YouTube, a narrator states, “Today’s stresses, routines and use of technology makes us have less and less sex. Therefore, we are all out of training.”

That led officials at K-Y to create “Sexercises,” a training system developed by sexologists, professional trainers and porn stars. Though there are no porn performers pictures in the ad, cameras do enter a gym where singles and couples of all ages and body types are engaging in exercises that claim to help increase their drive and stamina as well as their sex drives.

According to Ads Of The World, the commercial was developed by the ad agency DDB in Buenos Aires. It’s unclear if the ad is in fact real, or even airing on TV. It’s also unclear if the ad will ever see the light of day in the U.S.

But it is worth a watch or for no other reason than you need a giggle or a reminder to do your Kegel exercises.