The Screaming O Hits the Spot With O Yeah

LOS ANGELES - Following the success of the O Wow, The Screaming O has released its newest vibrating ring, the O Yeah.

The O Yeah, designed as a variation of the O Wow ring, features a vertical head design.

"The O Yeah has been a request since we've had the O Wow," Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano told AVN Novelty Business. "It is a similar vibrating ring with a Screaming O bullet, but the difference is the O Yeah has a vertically-mounted bullet - as opposed to the horizontal bullet in the O Wow - which allows it to really hit the spot. It expands the vibrating zone, offering a new range of fun options."

The O Yeah is sold in a blister-card format and features The Screaming O's trademark bright colors. THe company suggests marketing the ring to couples, or as an upsell to turn any vibrator into a rabbit.

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