The CBD Difference: THC-free Oils Foster Calmness, Relaxation

This article originally appeared in the spring 2018 issue of Intimate magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

As medicinal and recreational adult-use cannabis is becoming legal and accepted in more states, manufacturers of products that contain CBD oil are looking to expand their reach. And one place they’re looking is adult retail.

Among the first products looking to move into adult is Knob Polish from JACK.

Knob Polish is a CBD-infused, water-based personal lubricant. It’s the first in a planned line of CBD topicals from JACK.

The use of CBD in Knob Polish is meant to increase blood flow. “Knob Polish is not designed to help increase your size, or make orgasms bigger,” explained Krista Whitley of JACK.

JACK was created earlier this year by “a top team of cannabis professionals who decided that highjacking could be a thing,” according to the company’s website.

“You could buy boring lubricant at your closest c-store, but you’re JACK. JACK doesn’t want boring lube, JACK wants the most out of this life,” the site adds. “This water-based personal lubricant lasts and is infused with precise doses of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp. This amazing cannabinoid has medical benefits that help you relax while reducing inflammation. Our product is made from full spectrum CBD isolate extracted from industrial hemp. This fully legal product is available to ship nationwide.”

The water-based formula for Knob Polish contains no spermicides, so it’s safe for use with latex and silicone toys and condoms. For more, visit

Also looking to make the leap from c-stores and gas stations into adult is Legal Lean, which produces edibles, tinctures and oils, syrups and more with CBD oil. The company bills its products as natural health solutions to ease stress and relax the mind.

Legal Lean products feature a specially formulated blend of natural herb extracts and essential vitamins, with herbal extracts and proprietary chemicals that are fully compliant under federal law.

For a complete listing of products, visit

While there are a few products that rely on THC already being produced and marketed to adult stores, current federal law does not allow for their distribution in all states. However, products using CBD—particularly CBD from hemp plants as opposed to cannabis plants—are eligible for shipment nationwide. That doesn’t mean, however, that adult retailers shouldn’t do some research before stocking their shelves with CBD products.

“CBD is not regulated by the FDA, but it is considered a supplement, so it could be a bit of a Wild, Wild West situation out there,” said Vincent S. Gillen, vice president of sales at Hemp Bombs, a manufacturer of CBD-based products, including gummies and vape juices.

Hemp Bombs—and parent company Global Widget LLC—has been providing CBD-based products to convenience stores and gas stations, but is already working to develop relationships with adult retailers and distributors to bring their products to a wider audience.

“CBD products can be another source of revenue for adult stores,” Gillen said. “Adult retailers always need new products, and these are a perfect accessory if they are already carrying smoke items and the like.”

CBD products are a natural fit for adult boutiques, Gillen noted, because CBD is often used as a calming and relaxing supplement.

“And there is a range of people using CBD products,” he said. “Older consumers might be using it for pain relief, while younger customers might enjoy vaping it for its calming abilities. Based on our customer feedback, it’s hard to say there is only one demographic interested in and using CBD products.”

Gillen admitted there will be those who are skeptical of the products—and initially, he and the rest of his staff felt the same. He began using CBD products for anxiety issues and noticed an improvement; now, he said, Hemp Bombs regularly receives calls and emails from customers extolling its virtues.

Hemp Bombs sources its CBD from industrial hemp plants. Hemp plants do not contain THC, so the CBD from these plants can be used in products that can in turn be shipped and distributed nationally. The company also receives a Certificate of Analysis for every ingredient it uses in all of its products. Hemp Bombs also contracts with a third-party laboratory to test the final products.

“Each label also has a QR code so retailers and customers can see the lab test results, and more,” Gillen said.

In addition to gummies, capsules, vape liquids and more, Hemp Bombs is also looking to add lubricants to its product lineup within the next few months.

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