Tenga Announces the Debut of New Unisex Product Tenga Uni

LONDONJapanese pleasure brand Tenga has announced the debut of its new unisex product, the Tengi Uni. Tenga’s first unisex pleasure product is the result of over two years of research and development. 

The Tenga Uni, marketed as gender-neutral, is reversible and can be enjoyed for solo or partnered play for both penile and clitoral stimulation.

The shapes and colors of the Tenga Uni are inspired by jewelry with each design reflecting the look and shape of gemstones. However, the products are crafted with neutral colors. The large, complex ridges of the design provide a sensation that is similar to oral sex and can be used to enhance manual stimulation when using it on the fingers, or it can be flipped inside-out to use as a stretchable sleeve, for a truly unisex product. Additionally, since the Uni does not use batteries or vibrate, it can be used discreetly.

Eddie Marklew, global marketing manager at Tenga, said, “Normalizing pleasure and sexuality is something Tenga has stood up for from the very beginning, and with the Tenga Uni, we want to provide an item for all people, of all experience ranges, that’s simple to use and accessible to everyone. The Tenga Uni will be a positive alternative to the current options for pleasure toys. Most toys are historically male or female-gendered, but the Uni is truly unisex which can also be used for solo or partnered sex. By breaking down these barriers, we have created a new category for unisex and universal pleasure items for everyone to enjoy. The development of the Tenga Uni also lowers the barrier to entry for those who might not be experienced in using pleasure products, or who might feel a sense of discomfort with the traditional gender views in the category.

"There is a clear gap in the market for a pleasure toy that can be used for self-pleasure as well as partnered play but is also gender neutral. Furthermore, the Uni is a unique product in its ability to be used by any gender pairing partnership. Pleasure designed for everyone!"

The Tenga Uni is available in four different detail variations: Emerald, Diamond, Topaz and Amethyst. 

The product will be available on Feb. 14 at eustore.tenga.co.

For more information, contact Ikenna Lewis-Miller at [email protected].