Tenga Announces Debut of Iroha Zen

TOKYO—Tenga—a Japanese-based company known for male masturbation devices and pleasure products for women—announced the launch of its latest addition to its Iroha collection of massagers, the Iroha Zen.

The Iroha Zen is available in three colors named after teas: Hanacha (floral tea), Matcha (powdered green tea) and Yuzucha (citrus tea). 

For the first time, iroha’s unique Soft-Touch silicone is available in a battery-powered item. Rows of pleats adorn the outer silicone, covering the marshmallow-soft inner layer. The long shape is easy to hold, and the item is fully waterproof up to 50cm (20 inches) for use in the bath and easy washing. It also features Iroha’s dust-proof coating to help keep it clean. The Zen requires two AAA batteries (tester batteries included). 

The shape is inspired by the chasen, a bamboo whisk used in making traditional Japanese matcha tea. 

The Iroha Zen has a suggested retail price of 35 USD and will be available in early 2018. 

For more, visit Tenga-Global.com.