Ta-Ta-Toos Demonstrated on Live Television

BRISTOL, Pa.-There was major focus on some cleverly decorated cleavage live on television last week. WGN in Chicago aired a segment dedicated to Ta-Ta-Toos, the sexy line of temporary tattoos specifically designed to draw attention to the bust line. 

The piece features two “scientists” interviewing women–and one man–with Ta-Ta-Toos applied to their chests.

The video can be seen here.

The sexy accessory has been generating plenty of mainstream attention as a hot Halloween item.  In addition to the WGN piece, Ta-Ta-Toos have also been featured everywhere from We TV to the Today Show

“We are seeing major traction as a result of all this exposure,” explained Xgen Vice President Andy Green.  “We have customers placing Ta-Ta-Toos among their costumes, at their registers–even applied to their Hot Mannequins! These are really the perfect add-on item for just about every sale.”

The temporary cleavage tattoos are available in a variety of phrases like Lucky You, 100% Natural and Satisfaction Guaranteed.  The latest additions for Halloween include Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween. Christmas quotes Jingle Bells, Santa’s Helper and Naughty & Nice have also been added.

Ta-Ta-Toos are one of the many fun and flirty Halloween-appropriate items in the Xgen lineup.  Pleasure Wigs, Eye Candy accessories, Pleaser Sexy Shoes and Seven 'Til Midnight costumes are all part of the distributor’s catalog. Interested retailers are urged to beat the Halloween rush by contacting their Xgen account rep today, or to visit XgenProducts.com to learn more.