T.I.T.S. Summer 2010 Collection: It’s What You Asked For

SEATTLE—Two In The Shirt has released is Summer 2010 collection, which features everything from new collaborations to great follow-ups and the answers to a lot of demands.

“We have had a huge demand for follow-up tees, and we thought this would be a great time to give our followers what they have been asking for,” said owner Marek Grubel.

“Taste,” a Yuhmm featuring Sunny Leone shirt, and “Clean,” an Estevan featuring Brittany Daily shirt, are both follow-up collaborations. Estevan’s “Clean” tee started out as a “Wifey” shirt, but the name was quickly changed due to it being the cleanest design ever.

Other new offerings include:

“White Girl”: Designed by Slie of the original T.I.T.S. Graffiti Crew, his inspiration was the reference to cocaine and he flipped it into a filthy-ass shirt.

“End of Day”: This collaboration with Revok 1 was shot by Keegan Gibbs. It is what it is, no explanation needed.

“Cartoon”: Designed by Diego Moscoso, formerly of Supreme, Marc Jacobs, and now a continuing contributor to T.I.T.S. Brand.

“Bring Em Out”: Features the sexy Nikki Benz, and is now available in limited color ways.

“Ice Cream”: Designed by I.AM, who has done previous shirts for Falcon, Umbrella, and 1’s and 2’s to name a few. I.AM has teamed up with T.I.T.S. and will be doing one-of-a-kind artwork (canvases and sketch drawings) that will be sold exclusively on ShopTits.com.

The women followers have been requesting something just for them and after tons of emails it was decided that “Wifey” tank tops would be the best idea. These tank tops are a higher-end quality, non-ribbed, longer length, and a lower scoop. The design offers the comfort of your basic tank but it is cut to show off a woman’s curves.  There are multiple color ways, and buyers can decide whether they’re “Wifey” or “Future Ex Wifey” material.

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be summer without new towels and board shorts. The towels will be available in three designs: Taste It, The Lac, and Flawless 2. T.I.T.S. towels are great for those who always like to be on top. The board shorts will also be available in three designs: Flawless, Umbrella, and Forbidden Fruit. Both of these will be in the second half of the summer drop.

For more information, visit ShopTits.com.