T.I.T.S. Announces Latest T-Shirt Collaboration

SEATTLE—Two in the Shirt (T.I.T.S.) has announced its latest collaboration for a T-shirt design. This time, the company has teamed with Yuhmm.com and Sunny Leone.

Yuhmm.com is considered a “deliciously fresh online magazine and daily blog. Yuhmm is your source for all things ‘yuhmmi,’ served with a modern twist on the traditional nudie mag.”

Yuhmm.com recently celebrated its first anniversary, and to mark the occasion, the e-zine decided to “go big or go home.”

“Yuhmm.com has done a really great job at showcasing tasteful erotic photography, which is the same thing we do but on apparel. The mutual respect created an organic collaboration, and we were excited that Sunny Leone decided to be a part of it,” said T.I.T.S. owner Marek Grubel.

“In celebration of our one-year anniversary of Yuhmm.com, we wanted to release a collector's item. We've been fans of T.I.T.S. brand and have a deep admiration for the identity they have worked extremely hard to build over the years. It made perfect sense for us to collaborate on a T-shirt series featuring the delicious Sunny Leone, whom we've personally known for some time. We feel that T.I.T.S., Yuhmm.com and Sunny Leone are all at the top of their games respectively and hope the collaborative shirts go down as some of T.I.T.S.’ best sellers of all time," Yuhmm.com said in a release.

For more information, visit ShopTITS.com.