Pleasure Products Companies Team for Male-Focused Roadshow

LOS ANGELES—Adult manufacturers System JO, Boneyard and Magic Silk are joining forces to launch an all-male product-focused roadshow tour.

The first leg of the Tour De Male focuses on the Southwest region of the United States, and currently booking is open for micro-events and in-store product training during the last week of October.

“We are excited to try this new concept within the Southwest region,” said JB from System JO. “It’s a win-win for stores, because not only do they get the most current information about consumer trends within the male category, but they save on time and money, reducing labor hours significantly with the trifecta presentation.

“The ROI of in-store trainings is invaluable,” JB continued. “Being able to train on new products in person and provide one on one sales coaching is the reason why our industry is growing so fast. Adding in the educational element that we provide for our clients, helps when speaking with customers to ensure a relationship that will help keep a business growing for years to come.”

Trainings will include information about the products to provide associates and management with fresh and insightful talking points with the focus on impacting more lucrative and meaningful conversations with consumers.

This Tour De Male is all about offering in-person training to prepare for seasonal traffic, but also to highlight new products and surprises around the corner. We plan to keep it fun and show our appreciation for the dedicated sellers by providing product samples and assist with merchandising suggestions to increase stores' bottom line and overall basket size. It’s a great opportunity for stores to beef up their men’s line; a significant category that is enjoying a massive amount of growth and consumer interest.

The benefit of this partnership highlights cross-sale opportunity and add-on potential as reps highlight the bigger picture of how it all flows together for the best experience possible. Don’t miss an opportunity to schedule three manufacturers at once, focusing on men’s lubrication, novelty and apparel, without the added stress of squeezing it all in. The Tour De Male is a powerhouse of potential, it’s as easy as one-and-done.

Organizers plan on adding new regions to the tour within the coming months; stay on the lookout for your area to be on blast.

For more information, contact [email protected].