System JO Announces Store Staff Sample Program

VALENCIA, Calif.—System JO’s parent company United Consortium knows the best way to sell their lubricants is for users to experience them for themselves.

“Not every store employee gets a chance to try all of our products,” said Brian Woolard, regional sales manager. “They’re the ones helping consumers every day, we want to make sure they can speak about the lubes from a place of experience.”

To make that happen, the company is launching a program to send its best sellers home with stores’ sales staff. Beginning April 9, each of JO’s Preferred Partners will be shipping sample kits with all outbound orders. 

The April program will consist of samples of JO’s water based lubricants, including H2O Original, Cooling, and Gel, as well as JO’s Agape’ formulation. The sample packs are in stock at United Consortium’s Preferred Partners, East Coast News, Nalpac, National Video Supply, and Williams Trading, and will ship while limited supplies last. 

Retailers will begin receiving the packs with all orders placed through the distributors after April 9. United Consortium is asking that these packs be given to stores’ sales teams and encourages them to try each of their formulas. 

The company will continue the sample program throughout the year, shipping different product groupings each quarter. Retailers wising to receive additional sample packs are urged to request them from their distributor as soon as possible.

For more information, contact any of JO’s Preferred Partners: East Coast News at [email protected]; Nalpac at [email protected]; National Video Supply at [email protected]; or Williams Trading at [email protected]