Svakom Launches 'Pulse Galaxie' Starlight Projector

LOS ANGELES—Luxury brand Svakom has launched Pulse Galaxie, its latest air wave pulse stimulator featuring a sensual starlight projector.

Harnessing Svakom’s patented Pulse Technology, Pulse Galaxie uses airwaves to create a suction effect that stimulates the clitoris without direct contact. It can also be used with the Svakom app, allowing users to customize settings as well as enjoy long-distance toy control and partner interaction.

“Our Pulse Technology has been carefully engineered to redefine orgasms created by air-suction toys, and we’ve taken it an exciting step further with Pulse Galaxie,” a company representative said. “Blending sexual pleasure with homeware, Pulse Galaxie has a charging dock that can project light in a starry display when the toy is removed. When not in use, the oval-shaped design resembles home decor."

Highlights of Pulse Galaxie include:
• Pulse Technology in five suction modes and five intensities.
• Built-in light projection offering a starry display in three modes.
• Customization and long-distance control via app on a Bluetooth-enabled device.
• Battery indicator lights and USB-C rechargeable dock.
• Memory function resuming on the last suction mode used.
• Travel lock to prevent accidental turn-ons in between uses.

“Pulse Galaxie enables more adults to pursue intimate pleasure without necessarily hiding their sex toy,” noted Vanessa Rose, an account manager and clinical sexuality coach at Svakom. “Explore the stimulator alone or with a partner, and let the projector light up any room with its royal purple hues—it’s out of this world!”

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