Svakom Announces New Line-Up Featuring Pulse Technology

LOS ANGELESSvakom announces the release of the first two products using its new patented Pulse Technology.

The Pulse Pure releases today, August 15, with the Pulse Union following on Wednesday August 17.

Said a Svakom representative, "Pulse Technology works to create a deep suction sensation, stimulating the clitoris and erogenous zones both externally and internally. This will be the start of a fascinating new line-up of toys for Svakom, focusing on providing a mind-blowing suction experience, with a multitude of different features. Pulse Pure offers an exciting adventure into the world of suction toys; its unique shape having been designed for the utmost comfort when using the toy. Pulse Union applies connection [for] the journey towards true satisfaction, featuring control through the Svakom app—including long-distance play to spark passion across the globe. We are incredibly excited for people to experience Pulse Technology, it is something we have put a lot of passion into—working to make a suction toy that offers deeper stimulation."

Pulse Pure and Pulse Union are made from body-safe silicone and feature magnetic charging ports. Each boasts a four-hour battery life and water-resistant design.

Pulse Pure is available in Pink and Navy Blue, utilizing an ergonomic design for a soft and comfortable experience. It can be controlled using one of five different suctions modes that offer five different levels of intensity.

Pulse Union features five different suction modes, each with five levels of intensity, as well as a memory function allowing users to resume control from their last used mode. Further, Pulse Union offers an LED display that coordinates each mode to a different color for a simple user experience. It is available in violet, featuring a textured handle for a secure grip and a nozzle designed to fit all body-types.

Pulse Pure and Pulse Union are available to order now.

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