Stockroom Introduces Bolero Straitjacket

LOS ANGELES - Leading fetish retailer is excited about its latest trademarked creation, the Bolero Straitjacket. The company has applied for a U.S. patent for the new design and plans to introduce a special version to the medical profession for clinical use.

The Bolero Straitjacket offers a twist on the traditional restraining device, with the leather garment cropped to expose the wearer's midriff and breasts. And while the cut of the outfit appeals to fetishists, its functionality offers "improved access to the body for examination with a stethoscope, EKG electrodes, ultrasound and monitoring devices."

Available exclusively through, the Bolero Straitjacket features latigo straps and belts and strong, secure hardware. The chic, form-fitting item buckles tight in the back (see above photo of model Justine Joli for the striking effect).

Stockroom founder/CEO Joel Tucker emphasized the importance of securing copyright protection for adult product designs.

"While we are first and foremost a sex toy company, we are also innovators and are entitled to the same intellectual property protection as any other company," said Tucker. "We need to claim and defend our rights, and the Bolero Straitjacket is a great first venture into the patent world because it combines creative design with innovative applications across several industries."

"With the rising popularity of fetish fashion in the mainstream world, it is more important than ever to protect our intellectual property to ensure it is not exploited unfairly by less meticulous marketers," said Stockroom president Mike Herman. "The Bolero Straitjacket is a good example of why this is important. Legal protection not only safeguards our business, but also our customers, who will be assured that when they buy a toy or garment with the Stockroom label they are getting hand-crafted, quality products from a first rate design and manufacturing house, and not a cheap overseas knockoff made with inferior quality control."

Taboo editor Ernest Greene praised the Bolero Straitjacket for its style and function.

"We already have one and it's absolutely terrific," Greene told AVN. "It was used in a Taboo layout with Faith Leon that came out splendidly. We have also played with it at home and found it prettier, more comfortable and more "practical" in terms of accessibility than any conventional straitjacket. I think it's the best new piece of bondage gear I've worked with all year."

The Bolero Straitjacket retails for $465 and can be purchased at, or at the Stockroom store at 2807 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA, 90026. Further information and photos can be found at and through the company’s authorized affiliates.