Declares 'National Butt Month'

LOS ANGELES – Online retailer has declared April 'National Butt Month'. The company plans to celebrate "buttocks of all types and sizes" throughout the month with special discounts on selected merchandise and a photo contest for consumers.

“It’s time that we honored some of our most admired body parts,” said Andrea Mata, Stockroom’s marketing manager. “April is the perfect month to recognize buttocks since we’ve all been the ‘butt’ of April Fool’s Day jokes, over the years. Our real buttocks, however, are definitely the focus of much attention. They’ve been the subject of great art from the Old Masters to modern painters and they are universally esteemed as a sexy part of the human anatomy."

Mata elaborated on the universal power and significance of the human buttocks: “They are so highly regarded for their sexual allure that many people have their derrieres augmented to be curvier or reduced to make them slimmer. Padded undergarments give them more shape and exercises are designed to enhance their definition. We select clothes that enhance the appearance of our butts and we worry about them getting too big or too flabby. But, big, small, old, young or somewhere in-between, we’ve all got them and so we intend to celebrate this wonderful body part as the first in a series of acknowledgements to the human form.”

During the first week in April, will offer special discounts on popular "butt products" including the Wide End Riding Crop, Bootie Cleavage Brief and the Stained Glass Anal Plug.

Consumers are encouraged to send in photos of their butts with contact information to [email protected] The rump experts at will select the ten rear ends that they consider the most beautiful, interesting, filled with character or bizarre, and gift certificates will be awarded to the winners.

First prize gets $50, second and third prizes get $25 each for products.