Spearmint Rhino Launches 'Rhino Society' Merch Collection

LOS ANGELES—Spearmint Rhino today unveils its latest brand expansion, Rhino Society, which marks the company's first entry into fashion. 

Rhino Society is touted as a "narrative-driven concept" that will seasonally follow the history of the iconic brand.

Rhino’s leadership enlisted creative director Joey A.X, who has worked with brands like Puma, Versace and dozens of household streetwear leaders, to take the approach of rich storytelling through fashion. 

A.X partner Jonathan Lee and Spearmint Rhino’s director of marketing Michael McShane spent months digging through the archives to tell the brand's story, starting at the beginning of Rhino's origins in the glitzy chaos of Los Angeles in 1989. 

“This couldn’t be a merch line, or the same old trope. We consciously rooted this in storytelling as the cornerstone and threw out what was expected in every way," said a company rep. "Going deeper into the narratives and those who really built the brand into the global institution was paramount. There were endless storyboards and decks, old photos and secret tales told that inspired the work. Fabric was just the canvas choice for storytelling and constantly evolving by season to include new characters, cities and clubs to unfold." 

Rhino Society’s debut collection offers traditional wearables and will also feature unique one-of-ones and secret ranges for “Society Members” inspired by and reflecting the venue. Instead of secret rooms, there are secret drops, but the concept comes from the weaving of the club experience into a wearable format.

The brand will eventually feature accessories and home goods that will complement the seasonal drops. 

Season One, entitled “Lost Angeles: Noir Nightmares & Neon Dreams," follows a beautiful young starlet who moves to L.A., where the glittering allure of Hollywood meets the captivating charm of the original Spearmint Rhino. 

"With those heels on, you’re closer to Heaven" runs along the back of hoodies, along with OG brand marks, pictures of models and slogans of the era that were vaulted. These pieces also set up what is to come in forthcoming collections.

The team selected period-correct studios in L.A. to shoot the lookbook with real Rhino entertainers in September, shot by bi-coastal lifestyle photographer Maxwell Reichert. Director Evan Hamilton also helmed accompanying VHS style shorts. 

The lookbook was then turned into a late '80s adult magazine-inspired experience available for Society Members.

Rhino Society has pop-ups planned for major market venues the world over, including L.A., Las Vegas, Dallas, New York City and more. There are A-List fashion collaborators aligned for capsules and collections, as well as rare, exclusive drops to come.

"Rhino Society isn't just fashion; it's an ethos," said Kathy Vercher, president of Spearmint Rhino. "We're channeling our legacy of unparalleled entertainment into creating a lifestyle brand that invites our audience to embrace the fullness of life's experiences."

To discover more and shop the debut collection, visit www.RhinoSociety.co and follow the brand on Instagram here.