Spanish Engineer Creates Love Doll That Wants To Cuddle

BARCELONA, Spain—For several years, manufacturers of love dolls have worked to make them look and feel as real as possible. Now engineer Sergi Santos has created one that responds as realistically as possible.

Santos’ creation, Samantha, looks much like any other high-end love doll, with the look and feel of real flesh and skin, and a posable skeleton. And not only can Samantha talk, but she also is programmed to respond to various types of touches, and even asks for more.

“I love this, nice and gentle,” she says. “Now then, what’s next?”

Santos told news outlet Ruptly that Samantha is programed to behave much like a human partner, vocalizing her enjoyment of certain types of touch in certain areas, and behaving in a manner that grows from romantic to sexual.

“Samantha is interactive,” he said. “Basically, she likes to be touched. She has different modes of interaction. She has romantic, she has family and she has also sexy modes.”

Samantha reacts to touches and caresses on her hands, arms, hips and more, and sexually responds to stimulation of her G-spot, mouth and breasts.

“The objective of sexual mode: get her to orgasm,” Santos said.

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