Slow Sex Collection Debuts From Bijoux Indiscrets

BARCELONA—Bijoux Indiscrets has released their latest sensual cosmetics collection, Slow Sex.

After two successful debuts, the collection is currently available to ship in Europe and will be ready for U.S. orders on Nov. 1.

The 10-piece line features massage products, intimate gels and lubricants, and an assortment of playful body products that enhance all five senses.

Co-founder Elsa Viegas launched the Spanish company's new line in the United States at the 2019 ANME Founders trade show in Los Angeles and in Europe at the recent eroFame trade show in Hannover, Germany.

“We strongly believe that sex is to be enjoyed. It's about having pleasure and giving pleasure,” Viegas said. “Slow Sex is a name inspired by the concept of slow food. We eat because we need food, but not all food is the same. Sometimes fast food is fine, but the more you know about the ingredients and about your body, and the more you train your sense of taste, the more you enjoy good food, better food! And Slow Sex works just like that. It's not only about good sex, it's about creating better sex!”

The Slow Sex collection takes a cue from the modern holistic sex movement, encouraging couples and singles to delight in foreplay and mindful pleasure as the main bedroom events. The line's erotic yet subdued packaging design features hazy, shimmery artistic nudes and dripping-wet close-ups of plump lips and soft skin; the perfect amount of tease for mainstream and adult retail shelves alike.

Viegas and the Bijoux Indiscrets team partnered with local laboratories in Barcelona to develop exclusive formulas that fit the brand's strict ethical standards. Each product in the line is vegan and all-natural with no sugar, parabens, gluten or artificial colors.

The Slow Sex collection includes:

• Two massage products: the glycerin-based Warming Massage Oil and the silicone-based Full Body Massage Gel, both scented with all-natural coconut

• Two oral sex enhancers: the citrus-flavored, saliva-stimulating Mouthwatering Spray;  and the coconut oil-based Oral Sex Balm for velvety soft, moist lips. Both products are safe and pleasurable for direct contact during oral sex.

• Two pampering cosmetics: the hydrating, highlighting Intimate Hair and Skin Shimmer Oil and the Full Body Solid perfume, which is kissable and safe for use around intimate areas

• Two sensual play gels: the water-based Anal Play Gel with arnica, chamomile and aloe vera to soothe, relax and reduce friction and the Finger Play Gel, a water-based kissable glide that's perfect for all parts, whether solo or partnered

• Two sensation enhancing gels: the warming, sensitizing Clitoral Balm and the cooling, kissable Nipple Play Gel, both also scented with coconut

“Slow Sex is not only a cosmetics line of products,” Viegas said. “It reflects our brand values. It is such a “political” collection, focused on changing behaviors and way of thinking, that it has its own manifesto.”

The Slow Sex Manifesto proclaims the following on each product package:

No fiction, no acting, no judgments, no comparisons, no fear, no guilt nor shame. Our pleasure should be ruled by no one but ourselves and starts with self-love, self-respect, self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Pleasure knows no gender and sexual freedom shouldn't either. Slow Sex claims the freedom to feel and enjoy ourselves beyond any fictional sex established behaviors.

The collection's eco-conscious packaging is made of recycled/recyclable glass, paper and aluminum while additionally reducing plastic use to 1 percent in all packaging. Viegas further reduced the company's carbon footprint by manufacturing locally, with 90 percent of Slow Sex components made in Barcelona.

“Even our glitter is mineral-based to avoid microplastics!” Viegas said.

The line also seeks to erase stereotypical binary standards found in gendered pleasure products. The collection's sexually inclusive approach ensures that every product works equally well for all gender identities.

“As a company, we've always focused on female sexuality, especially cis heterosexual women,” Viegas said.  “We are still fighting against the established double standards of gender: lack of freedom to explore, low self-confidence, lack of self-knowledge – both culturally and socially. Women and men are measured differently and their sexual freedom is very different. We fight for gender equality everywhere, including the bedroom. There is so much to be said about the salary gap and career opportunities gap, but with Slow Sex, at least we can we can begin to close the pleasure gap!”

Slow Sex is set to capture consumers with high-quality, delightfully functional pleasure products  that speak to today's buyers, who seek a brand that speaks to their ethics and values as well as their aesthetic senses and intuition.

“No matter how much you know about “sex, lubes and rock and roll,” this collection offers your consumers a new and better way to have incredible sex,” Viegas said. “We've reinvented the word foreplay and turned it into the most real, pleasurable and explosive part of your sexual relationship.”

For more information on Slow Sex, visit or email [email protected].