Sin City Gallery Displays Works of Pin-Up Photog Bunny Yeager

LAS VEGAS—Admirers of retro aesthetics are in for a treat, as legendary pin–up girl photographer Bunny Yeager has an exhibition in Las Vegas at the Sin City Gallery. The exhibition, titled "Bunny’s Bombshells," opened on Thursday, June 5 at Sin City Gallery and will be displayed through July 20, 2014. This is a rare opportunity to see and enjoy the golden age of this visual style.

Yeager started out as model in the 1950s, and only picked up a camera to take her own portfolio shots. She quickly found a calling: as talented as she was before the camera, Yeager proved to be a genius behind it.

Yeager brought a unique point of view to a formerly male-dominated craft. Beauty, lightness and spontaneity became the trademark in the pictures of Bunny's girls. She discovered Bettie Page and made her the icon of the 1950s she remains today. Yeager was the first woman to have shot for Playboy, and has created some of the magazine's most emblematic covers.

"Almost all of the girls I asked easily agreed to pose for me, because they knew I wasn't going to flirt with them like the men photographers did," recalled Yeager in an interview given before her death last month.

“We are very honored to exhibit the works of such an influential and prolific artist as Ms. Yeager in Las Vegas," stated gallery owner Dr. Laura Henkel. “I hope many will not only take the opportunity to see her work in person, but also take this opportunity to collect her work. It certainly is a unique opportunity to have access to one of the most recognized contemporary art portfolios that continues to influences art and culture.” 

As "Bunny's Bombshells" was scheduled last year, the gallery has been promoting the exhibition to its collectors, and many of her works are available through the gallery. The next exhibition of yeager's work will be in December, 2014 at Art Basel Miami via the Gavlak Gallery.

"Ms. Yeager was able to witness the recognition of her work from pin-up artist to fine art photographer. She was enormously pleased with her scheduled exhibitions at The Warhol Museum, Sin City Gallery and Art Basel," said Henkel. "It is wonderful to know that so many artists, inclusive of Cindy Sherman, Bruce Weber and Diane Arbus, have credited Ms. Yeager as being incredibly influential to their own craft. The exhibition at Sin City Gallery is indeed bittersweet and I can honestly say that Ms. Yeager's unwavering creative spirit has influenced me as well."

For information about Yeager's available works, please email Dr. Laura Henkel or phone 702-608-2461.