Seymore Butts Features Sure Fuck Cologne On ‘Gold Show’

LOS ANGELES—Seymore Butts knows a thing or two about getting the ladies. And now he’s thrown an endorsement to a product he thinks will help other men get lucky.

Butts featured Sure Fuck Cologne on Episode 11 of Gold Show, after a friend introduced him to the product.

"Usually I see this kind of thing in a sex shop and it smells like turpentine mixed with eau de jockstrap. Sure Fuck can stand on its own with any brand name men's cologne. Did it get me laid? Hey, dude—I’m Seymore Butts! But you aren't, so it won't hurt to give Sure Fuck Cologne a try."

Sure Fuck Cologne is blended with stimulating, clean, top notes of Italian lemon and Tuscan mandarin, mixed with moist green ferns and just a pinch of pink pepper. The heart-note of lavender, entwined with purported aphrodisiacal scents of warm coriander and Neroli orange-flower, is then layered over a light patchouli base. Rounding out the finish is cedar, sandalwood and amber, to evoke an earthy masculinity.

Sure Fuck Cologne's creator joked, "After extensive research, The Science Department at Sure Fuck University, also known as The Un-Fuckables, teamed up with some of the sexiest female escorts we could find and discovered clients wearing Sure Fuck Cologne got laid 96.5 percent of the time."

While Sure Fuck Cologne is a perfect novelty gift choice for bachelor parties, frat parties and divorce parties, Sure Fuck maintains its integrity as a quality men’s fragrance that is also suitable for more serious gift giving occasions.

Sure Fuck Cologne is available through the official company website and through


Photo courtesy Seymore Butt's Gold Show, copyright 2013, Project C LLC