Sexual Wellness Brand Future Method Partners With SIECUS

NEW YORK—Sexual wellness brand Future Method has announced a partnership with SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing sex education through advocacy, policy and coalition building. 

To support these initiatives, Future Method launched a merchandise collection including The Daddy Hat, Bedside Candle and Bedside Towel. The collection, which joins Future Method’s comprehensive lineup of  “science-backed products aimed to aid in worry-free sex attainable for all,” will raise awareness with 20 percent of proceeds going to various SIECUS initiatives including the SEPAC program, state-based partner organizations, and public awareness campaigns. 

Together, the collaborative efforts will “broaden inclusive and accessible sexual education across America, with a shared goal of increasing safe pleasure spanning sexual orientations.” 

"This collaboration brings together SIECUS's decades-long commitment to advancing accurate, inclusive and affirming sex education with Future Method's innovative, science-backed products and education," shared Christine Soyong Harley, SIECUS president and CEO. "This partnership is more than a union of two organizations; it's a bold step toward creating an equitable society where everyone has the right to sexual and reproductive health, free from stigma and systemic barriers. For a deeper dive into how we're revolutionizing the future of sex education, we invite you to visit the Sex Ed Futurist website." 

Future Method reports that there is a need for this type of advocacy that is more present now than ever. To demonstrate this, SIECUS research has revealed, "Between 2022 and the first half of 2023 the number of bills introduced to restrict sex education increased from 34 last year to 91 so far this year, a 127.5 percent increase in anti-sex ed legislation. Further, this year's anti-sex education bills have been more successful than last year." 

Dr. Evan Goldstein, co-founder of Future Method and renowned anal surgeon, has long been an advocate of an education-first approach to sex. Future Method was developed from his experience at Bespoke Surgical—an anal surgery practice for individuals who engage in anal sex. Through interactions with his patients, Goldstein identified “a dire need for innovative intimate care and accessible education to help people experience safe, healthy and fun sex. With an unabashedly transparent approach, Dr. Goldstein works to break taboos and create an open dialogue surrounding anal health,” according to a company rep. 

"American sex education has neglected anal engagement practices for far too long. This lack of inclusivity leads to shame, and consequently, harmful injury that can have a lasting effect on one's confidence in the bedroom,” stated Goldstein. “Here at Future Method, we know the more comfortable and confident people are with their body and sexuality, the better their overall wellbeing and quality of life is. As a surgeon, I see patients daily with a condition that could have been avoided if they were given the correct information. 

“Sex education has demonstrated its ability to have a positive influence on the lives of young individuals. Nevertheless, there is still a significant number of people who lack access to comprehensive sex education or are subjected to programs that impose specific moral values. SIECUS and Future Method are dedicated to altering this narrative and will relentlessly work towards a more inclusive and informative approach to sex education." 

Additionally, Goldstein will be utilized as an expert for SIECUS anal engagement educational articles, and the two brands will jointly promote content and materials to further underscore the mission of SIECUS through live events, webinars, an armchair series and more.

To exemplify its focus on education, Future Method also recently launched a "Meet Your Match" feature on its website that connects new users with products tailored to their individual sexual needs.