Goes Lifestyle

LOS ANGELES - Online retailer, a division of Convergence, Inc., has launched a lifestyle site with blogs with product reviews, sex toy humor, videos, press releases, and more alongside its retail component. With a new, high-end appearance, the site will still be user-friendly.


After a 13-year history of successfully selling adult products and being the first adult affiliate program, this change represents the first step to stay on top of the search engine game.


"Our main goal with this new site is to use its original content to help us climb back to the top in search engine ranking," explained owner of owner Dave Levine, a.k.a. "SEXTOY Dave." "We have gone from the top of the search engines to the bottom, back to the top, and down again. Our goal is to remain at the top."


The new site is an attempt to increase the profit margins of, which is responsible for 5 percent of the company's profits. The remaining 95 percent are a result of affiliates and wholesale customers. Levine speculates that creating original content could turn the site into as big a player as the rest of the company.


"In order to attract more traffic to, we decided to focus on unique content from three blogs," Levine explained.


There is, for example, a user-generated section for customers to post their comments about products and add to product descriptions. Through the press release blog, customers can see the site and its founder featured in the news.


Visitors also have access to entertaining video clips and funny pictures through the humor blog. Levine said he added this feature because of the volume of emails he received from customers with humorous sex-related content.


"There are so many funny pictures and videos related to sex toys out on the Internet," Levine said. "We thought this would be a good place to aggregate all that content."