Sexcellent Ideas: Sabrina Morgan on Pleasure Product Trends

The story below is taken from the October 2013 issue of AVN magazine, where we asked 10 sexperts to talk about future trends that they would like to see in the pleasure product industry. Each shared some interesting thoughts, and we'll be posting these individually over the next couple of weeks. Pictured here: Sabrina Morgan.

Sabrina Morgan
Sex and relationship educator, presenter and advocate;

There are some fantastic, creative products out there that are underused, possibly because a lot of pleasure product customers aren’t sure what to do with them! Some of my favorites are alternative strap-on/dildo harnesses, such as thigh harnesses, chin harnesses (I like the Lickety Split for its adjustability), or the Heeldo strap-on harness worn on the foot. Using nontraditional harnesses, just about any part of the body can become a sex toy. These are perfect for customers with mobility restrictions, satisfying multiple partners, or acting out fantasies involving tease and denial or objectification.

On that theme, one of the best ideas I’ve seen recently is the Spareparts Deuce harness, which is a strap-on harness designed to be worn by people with penises. The harness has room for both a dildo and a penis, making those tricky double penetration fantasies easier to schedule and giving guys with intermittent erections a satisfying, intimate way to continue sharing penetrative sex with their partners. I’ve recommended it to many of my coaching clients with good reviews.

For too long, men have been underserved when it comes to quality vibrating toys. I’ve been delighted to see the Aneros Vice taking off in the markets I serve—it’s a high-quality silicone vibrator designed to deliver optimal prostate stimulation, and it’s an idea that was long overdue.

What I would love to see next is a selection of high-quality vibrating toys designed specifically for external use by men. It would be fantastic to see a product that is built around the different sensitivities, anatomy and ergonomic needs (especially overall shape and control placement!) that guys have. Not a vibrating cock ring, but a full vibrator designed for both male solo and partnered pleasure. I bet a lot of guys who have tried vibration would go nuts for something like this.

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