Sexcellent Ideas: Elle 'Lady Cheeky' Chase on Sex Toy Trends

The story below is taken from the October 2013 issue of AVN magazine, where we asked 10 sexperts to talk about future trends that they would like to see in the pleasure product industry. Each shared some interesting thoughts, and we'll be posting these individually over the next couple of weeks. Pictured here: Elle "Lady Cheeky" Chase.

Elle “Lady Cheeky” Chase ( is a sex writer, blogger, sensuality coach, sexuality educator and speaker

What I would like to see? A few things.

Cunnilingus Toys: This is a pretty major sex act that has no toy to duplicate it. Doesn’t that seem weird? The Sqweel is a step in that direction … but nothing has been put out in the marketplace that can mimic tongue on clitoris/vulva with any sort of power, or sensitivity of speed. I think the technology is almost there, as seen in the Minna Ola model where you can make your own pattern of vibration by squeezing it. Once someone makes this toy, there won’t be a woman alive who won’t want to get her hands on it.

New technology: For instance, the Revel Body motor. In my opinion, this is cutting edge and the next step for motorized pleasure products. Instead of a standard motor, the Revel uses a proprietary rotating, magnetic motor (inspired by resonating motors in products like sonic toothbrushes) that delivers an adjustable and vibrational range three times that of a conventional battery-powered vibrator. With a greater range of vibration (including speed, amplitude, and power), less noise and considerably more power, the Revel is a whole different animal. It has 50 percent more power, 200 percent greater sensation range, 90 percent less noise and 80 percent less vibration to the hand. I’ve tried this, and the vibrational feeling is very different then what I’ve felt before. The best way to describe it is, it’s a much more “sensual experience” than what’s on the market now, and powerfully gentle, not jarring. I think women will really respond to it. I love the direction the inventors went with the Revel. Literally, inventing new motors with this technology, to improve upon what has become the standard in the sex toy industry. There are also great advancements in other areas which will be fun to explore when they get perfected, like 3D printing for customized dildos, etc. and teledildonics for long-distance lovers ... or just for fun. These are both promising new areas I look forward to seeing develop.

Body-safe toys/lubes: We are all diligent about avoiding toxic chemicals in our food and what we use in our homes, and why should sex toys be any different? I think consumers are going to start demanding (and voting with their dollars) that what they buy to put in, or on, their bodies actually be safe. Hopefully, this will drive companies who rely on less expensive methods to make some or all of their toys to meet the consumers’ expectations lest they lose their business. Remember 20 to 30 years ago? You had to go to an independent health food store to get anything organic. The consumer became more aware of what chemicals were being sprayed on their foods and even found out what a GMO was, and demanded organic food, then “poof” there was a Wild Oats or a Whole Foods in every city. This should be where the industry is going. There are great companies that are already doing this, like Jimmyjane and Tantus for toys and Sliquid and Sex Butter for lubes, with no decline in satisfaction. If the average person knew that the same ingredients that are in anti-freeze are in some lubes they use or that glycerin can give you yeast infections, UTIs and upsets the vagina’s pH balance (which leads to other fun stuff), I bet they’d pay a little more to get something all-natural or body-safe.

Tomorrow, check back on to hear from The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure author Charlie Glickman.

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