Sex Machina: Chasing the Bionic Screw

First, there were hands and fingers. Then there were dildos made of wood, stone, metal. Then there were pneumatically powered toys administered by doctors in the office. In the not too distant past, there were simple, hard plastic vibrators powered by two C batteries. Then more styles, colors, materials, shapes and functions grew the market to where it is today.

Except now you can use any number of those toys hands-free and experience orgasm without the interference of a partner or relationship. Yes, the ever-growing segment of sex machines is upon us and growing faster than that of driverless cars.

Machine-powered “fucking machines” have long been the fantasy of many men and women who want the pleasure of penetration to outlast what human flesh and blood can provide on its own. By simply plugging in, one can get endlessly poked or poke into a never-ending source of enveloping cyberflesh to explode in ecstasy unlike anything previously humanly possible.

But how did these fucking machines become available so easily at retailers, and in the beginning, through good ol’ fashioned mail order?

The best-known sex machine is undoubtedly the Sybian, created more than 25 years ago and initially advertised in men’s magazines. The original model, designed by founder Dave Lampert, was basically a saddle on which a woman could ride for external or internal pleasure. The bulky units weighed more than 50 pounds, as did the second prototype developed shortly thereafter. The newer model now weighs less than half that with the rotating and vibrating protrusions having changed shape and size over the years. The controls remain similar to the original model, with two dials adjusting both rotation and vibration speeds.

With the continued popularity of the Sybian and appetite of the sex-loving public to part with more than $1K of their hard-earned cash for a unit, the company has recently created many new, body-safe silicone attachments for Sybian so the happy rider can truly customize her riding pleasure. Their unmistakable brand continues to grow, one happy-riding customer at a time. Yeeha!

The most recent addition to this style of sit-on sex machine for women is the Motorbunny, which began production in 2016 and was introduced to the hungry masses at the January AEE show in Vegas.

Craig Mewbourne, brand consultant for MB Technologies, shared his thoughts on the success of the new Motorbunny regarding the differences between the other popular saddle sex machine and their own creation: “There are measurable differences in the build and specs among competitors (with much larger differences coming soon!), and much ado has been made about the reasonable cost we were able to bring to the category.”

He added, “But the largest separation, I think, comes from our approach serving our customers and paying attention to how they want to be treated. We know we’re not God’s gift to the industry. We’re just here to make sure everyone is treated fairly, and to have fun doing it. How can you not have fun selling products named ‘Jiggle Butt’ and ‘My Friend Dick?’”

But what would compel a company to create a different option for such a specialized product? Mewbourne offered his thoughts: “The core team started by trying to find a way to make a few medical devices more affordable. After hitting some roadblocks there, they simplified their mission to ‘How can we make something that increases quality of life, but can be delivered more affordably than existing options?’ Once they looked into this industry, it was obvious there were opportunities to answer that question.”

And answer that question, they did, with “big-deal” upgrades in store for the Motorbunny unit itself so that will, no doubt, keep their customers hoppin.’

But while there are several types of sex machines available, the majority of them still are fucking machines providing constant thrusting action for women.

Topco’s Pepto-Bismol–colored Caesar machine has been available since the summer of 2008. According to Topco COO Autumn O’Bryan, “the Caesar 2.0 is a strong performer and delivers exactly what consumers want in a serious sex machine. And because it comes in both 110V and 220V options, Caesar has become popular internationally as well.”

The Caesar 2.0 Love Machine was the first device of its kind to go to market and set a precedent for the industry. O’Bryan said, “Being able to access a powerful, durable and industrial-level sex machine from a major international brand like Topco transformed a concept into a full-blown product category and gave retailers a valuable opportunity to expand their inventory.”

Unlike most stand-up sex machines, the Caesar features a flat base that’s made to slip between a mattress and box spring, allowing it to be used as a free-standing device that stays stable, no matter how fast the thrusting speed gets. And what does the Caesar use for that all-important thrusting pleasure? Topco created custom-made dildos and vulva-shaped masturbation attachments made of CyberSkin—their signature, remarkably lifelike material made of TPR—to give both male and female users an even more realistic experience while using their Caesar Love Machine.

And the sales of Caesar since its release in 2008? O’Bryan responded: “We don’t disclose sales data, but I can say that Topco sells enough Caesar machines to satisfy the masses.” 

Other variations of sex machines have also recently been developed. Pipedream Products Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine is a relatively lightweight, dual-stimulation machine which provides dual beaded, sliding grips around a vulva-shaped stroker inside the machine. Meanwhile, the opposite thrusting end fits one of two differently shaped dildos that allow the lucky couple to both penetrate and get penetrated at the same time. It can definitely provide the pleasure of a three-way with a mechanical lover smack in the middle of the action!’s recent collaboration with manufacturer Doc Johnson has produced the Power Banger, released in January 2017 and the first sex machine created by the company. According to Doc Johnson representative Ryann Brooks, “The Power Banger was created exclusively for use with all Vac-U-Lock–compatible attachments (via the Vac-U-Lock plug) giving users’ the ability to utilize hundreds of different dildos with the Power Banger, whether that be a dildo available in the Kink by Doc Johnson collection, Vac-U-Lock line or other Doc Johnson brands that feature Vac-U-Lock-compatible products: the Realistic Cock, The D by Doc Johnson, American POP!, American Bombshell or TitanMen.”

The sales of the adjustable, suction-cupped gizmo have far exceeded projections by the company. Branding it as a product came easily for both companies. Brooks said, “We worked extremely close with the team. When it came to creating this collection, a sex machine was definitely an item that was a no-brainer for the line.”

SoCal-based XR Brands have developed an entire catalog of sex machines grouped under their brand Lovebotz that are fully branded, packaged and merchandised sex machines. Lovebotz was first released in January 2013. Brand Manager Rebecca Weinberg said, Lovebotz has been one of our steadiest-growing brands in the last four-plus years with new automatic masturbators, thrusters, milkers, ride-ons, affordable portable devices and large-scale machines regularly being added to the catalog. Lovebotz sex machines are built to provide specific results using unique stimulation methods—smooth-motion thrusting, thrumming, swirling, sucking, milking and more. They are also available in a wide variety of price points, too, so they cater to every consumer.”

Weinberg added, “Sex machines were once reserved for specialty markets and kink-only retailers, but Lovebotz broke the barrier with sleek designs, clean engineering, and retail-friendly packaging. Because XR Brands is known for our expertise in BDSM, fetish, and unique product manufacturing and marketing, our customers trust that Lovebotz will deliver exactly what their customer bases are looking for with sales support they need to promote the products.”

Perhaps one of the most unique sex machines to hit the market is the recently released Drilldo, created by Adventure Industries. Playing up on the toolbox theme, the Drilldo is exactly what you think it is: a common-looking power drill with various attachments that, well, can get drilled into a willing participant.

Anthony Pingicer, spokesperson for the innovative Drilldo, explained, “For a long time, people have made the association between drill and dildo. It was only a matter of time until someone messing around with sex toys would try to attach a dildo to a drill. Social media is filled with videos and images of people putting dildos on drills and seeing what happens. We just took it a step further by branding the experience, doing the research, making it actually safe to do, and bringing it to market.”

With home improvement-looking packaging, a handy pair of goggles and construction worker vest available in the multi-tool kits, the Drilldo plays up on several fantasies: the construction worker, the power tool user, the action seeker.

In other words, the pleasure-seeking aficionado of a non-stop sex machine that’s always ready, willing and able. The future of fucking is here and now.