Seminar: "Can I Help You?" - Sex Education In The Retail Setting

LAS VEGAS —It's an adult retailer's question as old as time: How do you help your customers buy what they want when they may not even know what they want?

The answer, according to Good Vibrations' resident sexpert, Dr. Charlie Glickman, is to know what you're selling, and perhaps more importantly, know how and when best to use the items.

"The more sex education that we have in the world, the better off we'll be," Glickman told his largely retailer audience at this afternoon's opening seminar. "It's really satisfying to know that there are people out there who are having better sex because of you."

Indeed, sex education in the retail setting is a particularly important topic for an adult retailer, in large part because many shoppers know what they want to do, sexually, but don't know  either how best to do it, or what vibrators, dildos, buttplugs, lubes or other toys will best help them do it.

But out of today's audience of about 75, only one or two had spent any time teaching their sales staff about sexuality and how such knowledge can improve sales.

According to Glickman, studies show that when customers feel free to ask questions of knowledgeable salespeople, not only do they feel more comfortable shopping in an adult venue, they also wind up spending more time in the store and spending more money — particularly if the salesperson is savvy enough to recommend, for instance, the right lube to go with that buttplug, or can explain why a cheaper vibraator may not provide the increased sensations of a more expensive one.

And an added bonus: Salespeople who actually talk to customers while they're browsing find that that personal attention reduces shoplifting.

And when it comes to sex, there's plenty to learn. Under Glickman's tutelage, Good Vibrations runs a series of webinars on such topics as anatomy and physiology; vibrators; anal sex and anal toys; dildos and harnesses; condoms and lubes; and sex and sales techniques. The course of six webinars costs just $500,, and group rates will soon be available. For a schedule of when the courses will be offered, just email Glickman at [email protected], or call 415-974-8985 ext. 276.