Screaming O’s Colorful, Affordable Charged Collection Transforms Rechargeables

LOS ANGELES—Rechargeable massagers have received the "Screaming O treatment" in Charged, a new collection featuring powerful rumbling vibration, hassle-free charging, a safer rechargeable battery, and a two-year warranty. 

Charged makes it easy to maximize profits with quality designs competitively priced to make superior body-safe rechargeable sex toys accessible to even more shoppers.

“Charged Positive is the modern standard for intense rumbling vibration with power rivaling that of some of the most popular massagers on the market, and if there’s one thing we all know about sex toy shoppers—they’re often looking for the most powerful option out there,” Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said.

The new collection’s capstone product is Charged Positive, a larger bullet-shaped massager that features the most powerful motor ever made by Screaming O and boasts enough power to satisfy even the most discerning and selective sex toy user.

The rest of the Charged collection is rooted in now-famous—and now rechargeable—Vooom vibration technology, which emits a deep, penetrating rumble and a satisfying sensation. Screaming O transformed three of its most popular original shapes, the Fing O, the O Wow and the Ohare, into Charged versions and made the Charged Vooom bullet available separately, allowing users to upgrade just about any Screaming O product to a rechargeable toy.

“Adding rechargeable Vooom technology to fan-favorite shapes gives our supply chain a quality upsell from our battery-operated counterparts and offers next-level vibration for users looking for an upgrade,” Conde said. “Screaming O has been known for making body-safe reusables at affordable prices and it was time to set a new standard with Charged—a better, more powerful and more affordable line of rechargeable vibes.”

For more information about Charged and the rest of Screaming O’s fast-selling product line, contact Conde at [email protected].

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