Satisfyer Showcased at Museum of Sex This Month

NEW YORKSatisfyer takes pride in treating its pleasure products as works of art, and this month the company is seeing its work in a suitable setting: the Museum of Sex in New York City.

In a partnership with the Museum of Sex during Pride Month, Satisfyer is showcasing its newly launched Satisfyer Vibes, a colorful range of silicone toys. Thanks to the company's "flex-technology," Satisfyer Vibes produce vibrations that are felt from root to tip in each of the various models, all featuring a different nuanced shape.

The campaign, which runs during June, features a Satisfyer Vibes window display in the corner window of the Museum of Sex, located at 27th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Satisfyer products are being sold on the Museum of Sex website and also in the museum store, with dedicated product displays highlighting the Satisfyer Vibes and Luxury collection as well as other best-sellers like the Satisfyer Pro 2.

According to Jerome Bensimon, vice president at Satisfyer, “We will have many models on sale at the museum, and will be focused particularly on promoting the Vibes and our new Luxury Line. We’ll have a featured window that will highlight the entire Vibes line in a fun and playful frame of bubbles of colors, with each vibe being featured in its very own magnetic pod. During the launch customers will get the opportunity to receive a free Satisfyer 1 if they purchase a vibe or the luxury product.”

Today, the Museum of Sex and Satisfyer are hosting an in-store event in honor of National Loving Day from 3 to 7 p.m. where customers can learn more about the Satisfyer Vibes line and how to achieve a blended orgasm. Megwyn White, Satisfyer's director of education, will present the program. Customers will learn about the anatomy of the clitoris, breath support and how to use sex care products to help activate a deeper visceral experience when exploring sexual play or masturbation.

Additionally, the Museum of Sex team will also be giving out Satisfyer vibrators during the New York City LGBT Pride March, which takes place Sunday, June 30 starting at noon.

The Museum of Sex promotion is another example of Satisfyer's focus on getting mainstream exposure. Earlier this year, the company partnered with Elle magazine—a prime example of how Satisyer has raised brand awareness with a new pool of consumers. Asked about his company's adeptness at telling its story to the end consumer, Satisfyer's Bensimon said, “Our partnership with Elle was a first for our industry, and helped to successfully position the brand into a mainstream audience. Within this unique cross-marketing campaign Satisfyer was able to successfully blend sex-care within a beauty and wellness market. We are proud to help de-stigmatize sex-care for Elle’s readers, and also add a signature and innovative approach in leading our industry toward the future of sexual wellness in many contexts.”

Bensimon added, “We will continue to explore similar campaigns in the future, and will be selective at choosing brands that align with our mission.”

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