Satisfyer Wins Over Hits New Zealanders

WELLINGTON, New Zealand—The Satisfyer “revolution” has reached New Zealand, at least according to reports from Wholesale Solutions. The regional distributor has sold “thousands and thousands of the Satisfyer Pro 2.0 adult toy in a frenzy of sales that has taken the market by storm.”

Wholesale Solutions owner and buyer Craig Relph said he knew the Satisfyer range would be popular, but couldn’t have predicted just how popular it is.

“It’s caught all our retailers in New Zealand off-guard. As far as toys go, it’s by far our most sold product for this quarter. New Zealanders, love it,” Relph says.

The Satisfyer Pro 2.0 has flown off the shelves at stores around New Zealand and online retailers have had to set up stand-alone pre-order pages to keep up with demand. A Satisfyer Pro party in Wellington sold out in two hours.

Wholesale Solutions has benefited from being the sole Satisfyer distributor in New Zealand and has worked hard to promote the product and keep up with demand .

“When we take on a product, it’s a partnership. We believe in results so we back the suppliers we deal with 100 percent. That’s proven with the success of the Satisfyer. The whole range has been popular because we’ve been ensuring samples are sent out and we’ve worked to create a buzz,” Relph explains.

Tracey Stenhouse, owner of Coco Bella, a store located in Invercargill on the South Island, says her partnership with Wholesale Solutions has been invaluable. “I’d been dealing with another wholesaler out of Australia, and switched to Wholesale Solutions. Nine times out of ten it’s cheaper and the stock is here so quickly. I am absolutely thrilled,” she says.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Wholesale Solutions. They’ve made a real difference to my business. The Satisfyer range has been my best seller for the last eight months and thanks to Wholesale Solutions I’ve actually been able to get my customers a better price.”

She says the Satisfyer range has been astonishingly popular with customers. “The whole range is selling just so well for me. People are coming in asking for it by name.”

The executive manager of Nauti NZ has also had great success with the Satisfyer range. Working with Wholesale Solutions has helped keep the process of obtaining and selling the Satisfyer range as easy as possible.

“We have received great service from Wholesale Solutions,” he says. “The relationship between Nauti NZ and Wholesale Solutions has been strong with development ideas and discussions about our requirements happening on a regular basis.”

Sophie McGrath, head of customer satisfaction at, says the toy has been selling so well she’s been working late every night for the past month.

“We’ve been flat out. I can’t describe it. We’ve sold 3,500 units of the Satisfyer Pro 2.0 in less than three days. Wholesale Solutions has been a great partner, ensuring we have all the stock we need even though it’s flying out the door faster than any other toy has,” McGrath says. A Satisfyer Party in Wellington sold 100 tickets in less than two hours, and more events are being planned around the country.

“The suppliers and retailers we work with are our number-one priority,” Relph says. “We have worked tirelessly to make sure they have the stock they need and we get it to them as fast as possible. I’m pleased that we’ve managed to keep up with the extreme demand. We’ve been doing this for a long time and I think that shows in how we can adapt to these situations at pace!”