Salesman Donny Sands Leaves Pipedream

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — 15-year industry veteran Donny Sands has stepped down from the position he held for the past three years as sales manager for novelty manufacturer Pipedream Products, and is seeking new opportunities in the novelty arena.

"It was a good experience working at Pipedream, [however] I felt there was no more future for me there," Sands told AVN. "I've done the most that I can do for that company, and I want to look forward to future challenges in the industry."  

Before joining Pipedream in 2006, Sands presided as national sales manager for four and a half years at Legend Video, as well as serving a brief stint at Smash Pictures. He also worked for many years prior in video distribution.

"The best part of my job in my three years at Pipedream were the customer, customer relationships, and I want to thank them all for the opportunity to handle their accounts," Sands said. "If you have any questions about my future plans, please feel free to contact me."

Sands can be reached at (818) 307-7412 or [email protected].