Roman Catholics Target of Explosive Sex Toys From Spanish Anarchists

PAMPLONA, Spain—An anarchist group in Spain, sometimes known as the Anticlerical Pro Sex Toys Group, is suspected of sending explosive devices hidden in boxes of vibrators to ultra-conservative Catholic leaders in Spain.

One of the packages exploded at a postal sorting office, causing minor injuries to a woman there.

“Please accept our apologies,” the group said in an email to an anarchist website, The Guardian reported. “Nest time we won’t fail.”

Yes. Because boxes of sex toys meant for Catholic leaders won’t draw any suspicion whatsoever.

The latest is not the first type of bomb the group has sent to prominent Roman Catholics. Another bomb thought to have been from the same group was found in Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral. The latest package was reportedly intended for Francisco Perez, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Pamplona and the head teacher of a private school belonging to the ultra-conservative Legionnaires of Christ movement in Madrid.