Rock Candy Toys Makes Retail Premiere at Pure Delish

LOS ANGELES—The team from Rock Candy knows how to make an impression. 

The progressive new pleasure products company on Saturday night joined forces with Pure Delish, known as the “sweetest sex shop in LA," to toast the retail launch of their candy-themed line of sex toys hitting the streets this week.

Leaving nothing to chance, Rock Candy took over the cozy pink-and-blue store located in the heart of Culver City for Wonka’s Willy & The Candy Colored Sexy Spring Soiree.

The party featured Oompa Loompa’s serving cocktails, live burlesque with Tito Bonito, Lulu & Lux of the Bootleg Bombshells, prizes for the best costume and a bartender mixing peppermint, caramel, apple and cotton candy martinis for more than 100 well-heeled guests who got to touch and feel samples of the anticipated line.

Pure Delish, which has specialized in exotic dancewear, adult novelties, rave attire, naughty costumes and lingerie for the past 18 years, offered a 20-percent discount on toys for the occasion.

Among the Rock Candy items on display were the signature Gummy Bear vibe, Suga Daddy dildo, vibrating Rock It Rings, Candy Bullets, Gummy Balls, Lala Pops, Swirls and Suga Sticks.

Keith Caggiano, president of Rock Candy, told AVN Pure Delish was “a natural” to celebrate the retail premiere.

“I have a lot of respect for Kat, the owner,” said Caggiano, who wore a Rock Candy t-shirt under a bright pink suit. “She really gets this whole level of merchandising. So when I first came up with the line Kat was one of the first people I really wanted to try to work with.”

Pure Delish’s colorful decor and playful furniture—they had gummy bear chairs already at the store—blended seamlessly with Rock Candy’s bubble gum aesthetic.

Caggiano said his inspiration for the line was to “create a consumer experience.”

“In every retail environment candy is always a popular impulse item,” Caggiano reasoned. “So it became an idea of really creating a whole candy theme just based around that and we just started building. This candy-inspired line really hasn’t been done to this extent, so we started to put this together and we wanted to make it fun.

“We wanted to create a consumer experience because at the end of the day retailers have to retail it; consumers have to respond to it; it has to be memorable; it has to be something consumers think is fun; it has to be a line that continues to be scalable as well. Rock Candy just seems like a really great fit for that. And we’re just getting started.”

Caggiano’s partner is AVN Hall of Fame executive David Joseph, who told AVN every major distributor has already gotten behind Rock Candy.

“We’ve gotten amazing support for this line,” Joseph said. “There are a lot of the same things out there, so I think there’s definitely room for something different. This is youthful. It’s vibrant. It’s great for social media. There’s nothing intimidating about this. I think it’s what’s needed.”

Joseph said he and Caggiano "both see the big picture."

“We work really good together," Joseph continued. "He’s very good at marketing. We’re both motivated.”

The party also doubled as a Naughty Los Angeles meet-up as dozens of women from Sienna Sinclaire’s popular group joined the festivities. 

“Keith invited me to come and bring the Naughty,” Sinclaire, whose branded meet-up includes more than 7000 people, told AVN. “So I have a NaughtyLA meet-up and we do naughty things in LA every week. It’s based on my book Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles.

“People don’t know that women want to be naughty, too. It’s not just the guys. They want to go out and do this stuff and have fun.”

For more information about the line, email [email protected].

For a photo gallery of the event, click here.

Pictured: Rock Candy Girl Jordan