PROFILE: Taking the High Road

Quality and price: In business, these are two of the driving forces behind successful companies. So it's easy to see why Erotic Embrace's new collection of high-end adult vibes is so popular. Introduced in January by Joy Hollywood Wholesale, Erotic Embrace has quickly become an arousing favorite of those who like something new and exciting between their legs.


Tony DeSio, CEO and owner of Erotic Embrace, came up with the concept for these high-quality, affordable sex toys in 2007, but he says a lot of customer input went into the company and products. "Erotic Embrace products were made based on customer feedback and what buyers and consumers alike have been requesting for packaging and product," he says. "The packaging and look of the toys fit in well with many new mainstream products such as cell phones. High-quality materials are used [from] top to bottom. These qualities give us a high shelf appeal in stores."


The material DeSio refers to is medical-grade elastomer, a phthalate-free material used in products such as catheters. DeSio says Erotic Embrace contracts for material that exceeds the standards of elastomers and is easy to clean, hypoallergenic and doesn't harbor bacteria. He says the crystal-like appearance of the elastomer combines with the jewel-like chrome of the toys to create something "classy and fashionable." "Many women are very surprised to find our toys have the look of glass yet are soft and flexible," he notes. "The Alien and Astro vibes have the remarkable quality of being high-profile yet so elegant [that] they don't look like sex toys."


With no hardcore images on the boxes, DeSio adds, the toys stand out. "Store owners tell us many of the men who buy Erotic Embrace toys made their preference because the packaging is not offensive to their girlfriends," he says. "They make excellent gifts, even for those who might not think of buying novelty products. "This is definitely a female-friendly product. Much of the time invested in the packaging and appearance was involved in making the product attractive to women. The chrome-plated colors (pink, purple and teal) are very attractive, and many of the toys could easily sit on a gift store shelf without being offensive."


More than just pretty, the toys combine medical-grade materials with quality design, electronics and durable chrome plating "that is superior to much of what is on the market today," according to DeSio, who oversees quality control and packaging at the company's state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Japan, in addition to managing domestic and foreign sales.


To meet growing demand, Erotic Embrace has increased its shipping capability by adding a New York City office and warehouse to its West Coast setup. The New York facility gives Erotic Embrace faster access to the East Coast, Europe and other markets. "Everyone said they wanted orders filled right away," DeSio says. "We make it a policy to ship as fast and efficiently as possible. Retailers and distributors are surprised that we fill pages of purchase orders so swiftly."


DeSio says the company originally was going to focus on the U.S. market, but demand has come from markets around the world, including Australia, the U.K. and Mexico.


To grow sales even further, DeSio says the company is aggressively marketing to consumers through magazine ads, the internet and other ways of taking the toys to the public.  "During AEE, we actually had street teams working outside the convention in mainstream places," he explains. "Many women were curious about what we were doing and kept asking how they could get our products.


"The consumer is becoming more educated and moving far past the point where sex toys are novelties and more towards sex toys as serious enhancements for a healthy sex life. Our customers are reordering, staying loyal to the brand and trying our toys in other shapes and sizes."


Even a sluggish world economy hasn't affected sales, DeSio says, because "the sex-toy market gives people something tangible they can use to relax and have some fun."


"In addition, where there's less money to go around, people can't afford to pay good money for something they'll throw away quickly," he adds. "Products have to be more cost-effective. Many people are throwing away sex toys made out of porous materials because porous toys quickly become gross, sticky and unhygienic. Having a quality product with a durable and safe material inspires our customers to keep buying and recommend us to friends.


"Erotic Embrace intends to go past what people expect and exceed standards. We intend to keep Erotic Embrace the best-quality product for a surprising economical price point."


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