Pornhub Launches New Apparel Line Featuring New Logo

NEW YORK—Pornhub has teamed with acclaimed Japanese artist and illustrator Hajime Sorayama to launch a new apparel line featuring its newly redesigned logo, marking the first time the company has re-imagined the iconic design.

The new graphic, designed Sorayama, is now featured on the Pornhub website.

"Hajime Sorayama is a visionary, whose work consistently sparks contemplation and delivers profound commentary,” said Alex Kekesi, Head of Brand and Community for Pornhub. “That’s why we felt completely comfortable placing our brand identity in his hands. We are honored to work with a living legend of this caliber and hope that our fans are as excited about the arrival of this latest line as we are.”

The Pornhub x Sorayama collaboration includes a limited-edition collection, featuring two distinctive hoodie designs and t-shirt designs. Among the highlights is the Pornhub x Sorayama emblem alongside Sorayama’s depiction of an angelic fembot and devilish mascbot in a sensual embrace. Complementing the apparel, the collaboration also introduces a chrome embossed keychain, featuring the reimagined Pornhub logo, alongside a vinyl sticker—an iconic token commemorating this fusion between eroticism and artistry. The collection is now available to shop exclusively on

"We need to understand as human beings that we cannot survive without sex," Sorayama said. "Even though on many fronts humanity has advanced in the 21st century, the truth remains that we live in an increasingly war-torn world where censorship is also at an all-time high. This is the reason why I create porn-fetish paintings, to reveal these truths. I believe Pornhub has the same mission, with their values on the importance of liberty of expression, and freedom of sexuality.”

2024 AVN Awards co-host Kazumi is also part of the marketing campaign, modeling the new apparel in images touting the new product line. “Kazumi’s bold approach to sex work and fearless challenge of stigmas around sexual confidence mirrors the embrace of human sexuality embodied by the Pornhub x Sorayama collaboration,” the company said.