Pleasure Rings Expanding Jewelry-As-Sex-Toy Market

MILAN, Italy—While several manufacturers have created vibrators masquerading as jewelry—bullet vibrator pendant necklaces, vibrating rings—an Italian company is hoping to raise funds to bring together the worlds of jewelry and manual massagers to create a pioneering product.

Menage A Quatre describes its creations as a series of four accessories focusing on the stimulation of pleasurable areas. 

“At Ménage à Quatre we believe that female self pleasure is as natural as any other human function,” company officials said in a statement accompanying their campaign. “We also believe that masturbating can make you improve your lifestyle.

“When we started our research on masturbation, we understood that its practice is still considered as a taboo subject in most cultures; especially when it refers to female self-pleasure,” the statement continued. “This is why we decided to approach the matter from a new perspective.”

The initial four designs—La Douce, La Reveuse, La Joueuse and La Non-Timide—can be worn anywhere, and simply flipped over to assist with masturbation. Each design features a silver ring and a different configuration of silicone beads that are meant to stimulate the clitoris. Made from body-safe materials (silver and silicone) the rings are easy to clean and care for.

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