Playboy and Lovers Unite to Launch Playboy Pleasure

LOS ANGELESPlayboy has launched Playboy Pleasure, its first foray into the sex toy space, available exclusively at Lovers and

Lovers is a female-founded, PLBY Group-owned sexual wellness brand and retailer. Playboy Pleasure’s inclusive, "for everyone" line of 34 high-end sex toys and sexual wellness products includes thrusters, G-spot and rabbit vibrators, wands, kegel balls, cock rings, strokers, anal toys, prostate massagers, lubricants and sex toy cleaner with on-trend jewel tones and pastel colors, along with shimmering, pearlescent colors and packaging.

Playboy Pleasure sex toys, each discreetly adorned with the signature rabbit head design, boast a variety of innovative, avant-garde features. The collection includes vibrators with heating, tapping and thrusting functions, along with massaging rings, a spinning anal plug, multi-motor cock rings, toys with flickering tongues, a first-of-its-kind flapper shaft for the G-spot, ergonomic features and more. The collection ranges in price from $26 to $200. 

“We continue to see strong demand for Playboy products, and we are excited to expand into the sexual wellness category with the rollout of Playboy Pleasure beginning in our Lovers retail stores and online,” said Ashley Kechter, PLBY Group president of global consumer products. “Looking ahead, we expect to expand into new categories as we leverage our talented in-house design team to realize the full potential of the iconic Playboy brand.”

Jen May, vice president of marketing for Lovers, said, “Lovers is thrilled to partner with Playboy on their long-awaited, irreverent take on pleasure products, featuring imaginative innovation, a sleek and striking aesthetic, and inclusive features. The Lovers mission is to inspire people to reach their greatest pleasure potential, which is well aligned with Playboy’s vision of ‘pleasure for all,’ so we’re excited to celebrate the pursuit of pleasure, together. This wide array of envelope-pushing designs gives new meaning to freedom to play.”

Additionally, from Jan. 19 to Jan. 22, shoppers can enjoy 20 percent off sitewide with code ALL20, which includes the current Playboy Pleasure collection. All of the toys in the Playboy Pleasure line offer a five-year warranty. 

Sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for Lovers sexual wellness brand and retailer, discusses highlights from the collection:

Palm, $98: "This toy is named 'Palm' because it can fit ergonomically in the palm of one hand while the other hand is free. The powerful vibrator has two distinct motors in it; one for a tapping sensation and the other for traditional vibrations. Place the tapping mechanism on the clitoris while the other motor vibrates against the entrance to the vaginal canal and perineum. The product gets at two thingsthe need for multiple sensations and multi-tasking while masturbating. The vibrator also has 10 tapping speeds and rhythms, and 10 vibrating speeds and rhythms, so users can find their own preferred mix."

Rapid Rabbit, $150: "The Rapid Rabbit is ideal for vaginal canals that are long in length to hit the 'right' spot deep down. It has three thrusting speeds. And not only does it hit the A-spot, but the first-of-its-kind and unique flapper shaft also hits the G-spot, with its 10 different speeds and rhythms. For even more stimulation, the external stimulator stimulates the clitoris externally with seven powerful speeds." 

The 3 Way, $116: "The 3 Way is ideal for users who are into serious penetrative grinding. It comes with two rings to keep it in place. The vibrating sheath above the loop adds girth, support, and stimulation for both partners during play. An external pleasure point stimulates the perineum and balls. With three different vibrating points that have 10 speeds of vibration, users can create their own combination for pleasure. The toy is not only for partnered play; it can be used for solo play by using the 30-foot range remote for a mostly hands-free sexual experience. Nubs offer extra sensations as the upper arm provides clitoral stimulation to a partner."

Thumper, $110: "With the tapping rabbit vibrator, users can pinpoint the tapping head exactly where they want, to stimulate the G-Spot to their liking. The toy will continue to tap regardless of the amount of pressure placed on it. If users need more stimulation, there are added vibrations, as well (10 vibrating speeds and rhythms in each shaft and three tapping speeds). An external bunny stimulator for the clitoris plus tapping and/or vibrations offer a mix of sensations." 

Come Hither, $100: "Most people are familiar with the 'come hither' motion when it comes to penetration. The end of the shaft vibrates to stimulate the P-spot and G-spot, but it does it in a curling come hither motion that is prime for orgasmic pleasure. There are 10 different vibrational speeds and rhythms in the base, and the 10 come hither motion speeds in the head. The outside nob is also ideal for perineal stimulation. The toy comes with a remote, so it can be used with a partner, at a range of up to 25 feet." 

For more information and to view the new Playboy Pleasure line, click here