pjur Personal Lubricants To Be Available Again in Canadian Market

OTTAWA, ONT—WOW Tech Group is relaunching its line of pjur premium intimate products into the Canadian market beginning next Monday, July 1. The brand’s top seven best-selling, made-in-Germany products will return to the Canadian market, including pjur Original Silicone-based; pjur Woman Nude Water-based; pjur Woman Silicone-based; pjur analyse me! Silicone-based and Water-based; and pjur Back Door Silicone-based and Water-based. Retailers can order now from Canadian authorized distributors BMS, Pink Cherry and SD Variations.

“pjur is the leading premium lubricant brand in markets all around the world, and our partnership with WOW Tech Group in North America is propelling pjur to the next level in the US and now in Canada,” explained Alexander Giebel, CEO & Founder of the pjur group. “Loyal Canadian consumers have demanded pjur’s return to the market, and I am thrilled that our new partnership can make this happen.”

The seven top-sellers launching in Canada are available in 100ml bottles and include:

pjur Original Silicone-based: The original, best-selling, and one of the most popular silicone personal lubricants worldwide. pjur Original is extremely efficient, offering long-lasting lubrication. The silicone molecules remain on the surface of the skin and are not absorbed, making pjur Original ideal for sex and long-lasting massages.

pjur Woman Silicone-based: Specially developed for women, pjur Woman Silicone-based lubricant offers long-lasting lubrication while leaving skin feeling silky smooth.

pjur Woman Nude Water-based: A dermatologically tested, water-based personal lubricant for women who prefer no glycerin, paraben, oil, fat, perfume or preservatives.

pjur analyse me! Silicone-based: A silicone-based personal lubricant for comfortable anal penetration. Jojoba soothes and nurtures the skin, and can help increase elasticity, while the high-grade silicone ensures long-lasting lubrication.

pjur analyse me! Water-based: A water-based personal lubricant for comfortable anal sex that is compatible with all sex toys. pjur analyse me! Water-based is enriched with hyaluron that has regenerative and moisturizing properties. Hyaluron has the unique ability to bind large amounts of water and plays a key role in ensuring this product's lubricating effect.

pjur Back Door Silicone-based: A highly concentrated silicone personal lubricant for more intense anal penetration. Jojoba soothes and nurtures the skin, and can help increase the skin’s elasticity, while the thicker silicone formula provides long-lasting lubrication.

pjur Back Door Water-based: A water-based personal lubricant for more intense anal penetration that can be used with all sex toys. The higher concentration of regenerative, moisturizing hyaluron provides more moisture and exceptional lubrication.

Canadian retailers can place orders now with their authorized pjur distributor.