pjur med Series Featured in CNN Piece

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands—The new pjur med line of products was recently featured on a CNN news segment about El-Asira.eu, a website that offers products for the “sexual health” of Muslim couples.

pjur is currently in negotiations with the operators of El Asira to establish the distribution of pjur med products in online shops and stores in the MENA countries (Middle East-North Africa).

“Due to the existing demand on the market and the current sales success, this is a promising project,” the company said in a press release.

El Asira claims to be the first online shop for Muslim couples, selling creams, lotions, potions and herbal pills. All of the products have relatively tame packaging, and are Shariah-compliant, Abdelaziz Aouragh, the owner of El Asira, told CNN.

"It's not a sex shop. Not at all," he said. "The philosophy behind El Asira is that we're focusing on sexual well-being, sexual health of Muslim couples—but also people who are non-Muslim."

For the entire news segment, visit CNN.com.