pjur Launches pjur & You Consumer Survey

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg—Lubricant manufacturer pjur announced it s unveiling its unique pjur & You consumer survey this month.

The survey puts the spotlight on the relationship between customers and the manufacturer, which has created products for the public for 25 years.

Previously, lubricant was use to “solve problems,” leading many to be embarrassed about purchasing it. Today, however, personal lubricant is primarily associated with pleasure and covers a wide range of need. These include vaginal, anal and oral use, for massages, with toys or for masturbation. Lube can be water- or silicone-based, vegan, stimulating or suitable or highly sensitive skin, just to cite a few examples. This all means these products have become part of everyday life.

Customers have also changed over the years,  which is why pjur wants to take a closer look at the issues that are important to customers. The pjur & You survey is pour’s first large-scale questionnaire designed to gauge and compare customer satisfaction levels with pjur and the reasons why people buy pjur in different countries.

pjur & You is the start of a dialogue that will give the manufacturer more insight into what customers want, laying the foundation for the group’s innovations over the coming years. Customers therefore have the chance to influence product developments in the coming years.

Additionally, all participants in the survey have a chance to enter an anniversary drawing and win great prizes valued at more than 1,800 Euros.

The results of the survey will be published in October 2020.

For out more at pjurLove.com/pjurAndYou.