pjur Group Debuts SPA ScenTouch

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg—pjur group is launching pjur SPA ScenTouch: five new, lightly scented massage lotions that do not contain oil, silicon, fat or water. 

“We have created a unique innovation with this formula. It’s unlike anything else previously seen on the market,” said Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of the pjur group. 

After carrying out global research into the most popular scents for massage oils, pjur went on to develop pjur SPA ScenTouch Cherry Dream, Strawberry Summer, Vanilla Seduction, Melon Breeze and the non-perfumed variant pjur SPA ScenTouch Neutral Way. 

The products feel like massage oils, but thanks to their special properties do not leave behind a greasy film on the skin, which is often the case with products that contain oil or fat. As such, the new range eliminates the traditional drawbacks of conventional massage oils. 

In addition, pjur SPA ScenTouch products are breathable as they do not clog pores. They also contain natural vitamin E and natural jojoba. They are hypoallergenic, vegan, manufactured without animal testing and free of hormones and parabens. 

“Whatever products our customers choose, they can be sure that demand will be strong for them,” Giebel said. “We didn’t want the fragrances to be too extreme, that was always very important for us. We want them to feel like a light breeze and never smell unpleasant or be too overpowering. As usual, we have not used any flavorings in this new product range.”

pjur SPA ScenTouch massage lotions are not a replacement for pjur personal lubricants. In other words, they should be used exclusively for massage. 

“If an erotic massage leads to more, our pjur personal lubricants are still the best choice,” Giebel noted. “The pleasant aromas of pjur SPA ScenTouch take users on a sensual journey into a world of relaxation, fantasy and lightness. These USPs put our product miles ahead of competitor products in the massage market!”

The name ScenTouch is a portmanteau of the words scent and touch; It is the perfect way to describe the range. The products are meant to take users on a sensual journey, where they can relax and let their senses of smell and touch roam free, using the highest quality products that leave their skin feeling fabulous.

pjur SPA ScenTouch will be launched in a 200 ml version. For the first orders there is the possibility to ask for 30ml bottles as testers for the shop. As always, pjur provides PoS materials free of costs. The products will be available from September onwards and can be ordered today. pjur has already received plenty of advance orders following initial product previews at trade shows in Australia and Russia and various meetings with customers across the world.

“Dealers should act now and order this great new range in time for the upcoming peak sales period,” Giebel said. 

The pjur SPA ScenTouch products will also be presented at eroFame, giving dealers the chance to experience the outstanding product characteristics first hand.  

Further information can be found at pjurSpa.com/en/.