pjur Rocks the Emmys

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg—This weekend marked the 66th Emmy Awards ceremony, and pjur was right there in the middle of the action. Many well-known figures from the U.S. television industry attended the spectacle and its pre-events, to celebrate and be celebrated. Whatever the outcome in terms of their personal success at the awards show, all of the guests were offered unique pjur gift bags and lube samples at the famed Red Carpet Style Lounge.

pjur rocked the red carpet," enthused organizer Amy Boatwright of Secret Room Events. "They delighted celebrities with the fantastic bags and samples."

pjur is also very happy with how the event went. “The oversized bags naturally made an impression with the Hollywood stars and starlets,” said PR coordinator Elisabeth Dahmen. "And our samples of pjur med After Shave and pjur Woman Nude, the lubricant without any added ingredients, were a big hit with the target group. We hope our product samples helped to make it an unforgettable night—one way or another."

With its sponsoring, pjur and Secret Room Events also benefited The Humane Society of the United States and the Shelter Pet Project in America.

But there’s even more to look forward to! The next VIP event with pjur at center stage is coming soon.

To learn more about pjur, visit pjur.com.

Image: Canadian actor Drew Seeley shows off his pjur bag at this year's Emmys.