Pipedream’s Carmen a Hit at Eldorado

BROOMFIELD, Colo.—Work doesn’t always have to be boring and humdrum, as employees at Eldorado Trading Co. recently proved.

After a visit from a Pipedream Products rep last week, Eldorado employees made some time for Carmen, one of Pipedream Products’ Ultimate Fantasy Dolls, and took her on a tour of the facilities. The realistic, life-size and completely posable love doll was dressed in fashions from Coquette, Dreamgirl and Pink Lipstick, and given a tour of the warehouse, allowed to sit in on a meeting and even a ride on a conveyor belt.

Staffers snapped pictures of Carmen's adventures, which are posted on the company’s Facebook page. The post has been well received, reaching more than 1,400 through more than 500 post clicks and close to 100 interactions.

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Photo: Carmen takes a meeting with Eldorado CEO Wanda Garland and Sales Director Bill Barna.